Jun 29, 2009

It's ending

It's approaching the end of June already. So fast. 25 more days and we are gone again. =(

This 2 weeks has been the
happiest weeks I ever had after being alone there for few months. Now I'm afraid that I can't get used to the life there again. Have to see that whitey room again and live in a small space that it's so limited. Honestly, I changed with my door open during the day in my house. I can't do that in Perth. I don't wanna rugi to those girls lo. HahA

Most importantly, I can't shop in the forum anymore! The Malaysia one. Many cheap stuffs can buy ma. Cheaper than buying from retail outlets. I been online shopping like mad ever since I was back. In the first week, I already bought a bag. Also a few tops. Expecting the stuffs to arrive at your door steps, it's fun.

Today, when I was massaging his back, I told him that I might not used to the life there again when I go back this time.

Him: 你是不是在那边很难过? 很不惯? (In Cantonese la.)
Me: You're not there ma. So a little bit not used to it lo.

When he asked me that, I wanted to cry. Was a little bit sad. He some more asked til so soft. Don't know la. When I heard that, my heart got melted. =.=

I love his pampering. Hold my hands. Talk with very soft tone. Hug me. =))

I wanna bring this puzzle over with me. It's an anniversary present. He completed this puzzle all by himself and framed it. But I still not sure how to bring it over and carry it by myself back home.

Am going to shop tomorrow to open shop and stay in till night! Because mummy admitted into hospital. Seriously, it's nothing serious. She just need to rest properly in hospital, without calls coming in all the time. Hospital has been her second home. She just drove to hospital and check in herself. =.=

So, without any siblings around, I'll be the only one in shop tomorrow. =(
Cannot sneak out half way already. Sigh.

2 stars*:

hy said...

他们总是会不经意问一些会让我们掉眼泪的问题 ^^
怎么你的假期那么的长啊?我们才两个礼拜 >.<"

_VeL_ said...

Winter break, also a semester break ma. So it's kinda long. =)

Did you come home too?

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