Jun 20, 2009

Jokers of the night

Went to Yaki Yaki, a Japanese Barbecue Buffet Restaurant at K.L, again with Wayne, Ming Yie and Jason. I had this message voucher that entitled of RM29 per person promotion for supper session. Starts from 10.30p.m. to 1a.m.

Oh, my brother and his gf joined us, unexpectedly. But we sat at separate tables. =)

We stayed until the minute it was going to close! HAhaHA. So full till wanna vomit. Buffet ma. Must eat enough la.

Pictures of the night:
My favorite section: SUSHI!

Tuna's kind-of-rose. Nice! =)

Some of the drinks.
Watermelon is called sweet heart. I think. HAha

Some of the desserts. Not my cup of tea. HAha
There's even 龟年膏. Wrong word, I know. XD

The jokers of the night. Laughed till I teared. HAhaHA

Some kissing act for the night, with the fish. XD

Another real kissing act at the side.
My brother and his gf, Jenny. =)

Toast for the night.
For our life in Australia! Yay!

It was a night that full of jokes and bullshits. It was fun.

Jason's quote: better than Yuen, all those fishballs. XD
P.s: RM29 buffet for all the food we had, it's more than worth it.

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