Jun 12, 2009

Potong steam

I'm leaving in 7 hours!!

Suddenly, a notice came in. CLEANING INSPECTION!! wtf. I'm leaving tonight, so I have to do my duty before i leave. Potong steam lo. Was half way excited wan ma.

Just did laundry, now they're all in the dryer. Waiting for it to dry now. 语无伦次 already. Actually I'm very tired la. I'm so going to fall asleep again before the plane departure.

Haven't pack anything yet. Not a single thing in the luggage bag yet.
Haven't bath yet. I really wanna bath. Cloths, faster dry please. =(

I'm so so so so so tired. And I need to vacuum the floor later. Ahhhh. Exhausted. I never had any nice sleep for a freaking week. Thank God I have finished all the paper.

Rescue me please. =(

2 stars*:

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Rescue what la. You're already rescued. I need rescuing.

_VeL_ said...

HAhaHA. You'll soon be rescued too. Good luck in your final and only paper! =)

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