Jun 28, 2009

Very-last-minute plan

Yesterday noon, we thought of going Malacca and so, we went there today. But it was very hot. Hot like MAD. The weather is crazy. =="

Told my brother about it yesterday night, and he wanted to follow us. He always wanna be our lamp post. =.= Although it's good to have a camera man with us, but still, it's kinda weird because he's an extra one. So, we rejected his request. HAhAha. Ended up, we have LOTS of close up pictures for the both of us. HahA

Left my house at 11a.m. and stop by
Seremban rest station to get some food. I miss having car trips with him. So fun. Only both of us, and stop by anywhere to get food. It's just fun. =)

Bought Longan at the rest station. Sweet!

Reach Malacca around 1p.m. Walked around to try more food and visited some historical places. Still, hot like MAD. We bought a paper fan, seriously. Should have bought an umbrella instead. LOL.

Everywhere has
CENDOL, everywhere. We tried the stall opposite the Christ Church. Tasted okay. He tried Cendol Pulut. Those restaurants in the town that sell cendol has LOTS of people waiting outside for the seats. Durian cendol only okay. Very exaggerate lo they all.

We tried the famous
rice balls too. It's not extremely delicious. As he said, it's just rice that in a ball shape. =.= Fine. Too dry la. We prefer normal chicken rice. It's not as nice as I had few years back at the same restaurant.

Chicken rice balls. RM3.80, cheap ma. But chicken damn little. =.=
Looks like fish balls though.

Some of the chicken rice restaurants are very traffic jam too. It's VERY jam. Parents who carrying kids were standing outside, waiting for seats. One whole family rather stand under the sun to wait for seats. That nice meh? Or it appeared in some book before?

At that street, seriously got a number of chicken rice restaurants la. But people like the corner one at the main street that can attract peoples' attention by standing outside waiting for seats. It caused jam, seriously. No idea what they're thinking la.

When we were on the way home, went to A Famosa for the Cowboy Town. But the entrance fee is RM30 per person. Didn't want to waste that much of money as we just wanted a trip with minimum of cash spent but maximum of fun enjoyed. And, he been in there before too. So we drove around A Famosa and ciao home. HAhaHA.

Wanted to go Kajang eat Satay for dinner, but no parking because someone was having concert at the Stadium. =.= Traffic conjested. No choice, ciao home and eat Maggie Mee lo. HaHA

Several pictures taken in Malacca.

St. Paul Hill. It's quite interesting. =)
Istana Kesultanan Melaka.
Studied history already, must see how do it looks like la.
Last time kena cane when we don't know the answers k. LOL
Only RM2 entrance fee for adult.

Spotted this in the Malacca River.
It's not crocodile nor fish. Guess what.
It even shit in the middle of the river while swimming across. funny lo.

Check out Facebook if you wanna see more pictures. =)

3 stars*:

nicole said...

i heard malacca got this shop sell err.. japanese cake..



heard quite nice lah. . .

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Ohhh. Padang something. The cake is called mille crepe.

nicole said...

ya ya ya!!! tht one!!!

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