Jul 8, 2009

Another 2 D.

Final exam result is out.
1 PASS, 1 CREDIT, 2 DISTINCTIONS which consider B to the twins. What the. =(

Sigh. Thanks to the group assignment that got such low mark, I cant pull it up to CREDIT! I tried my best in the final exam. I really tried. =(

At least, I can spend the rest of the days here happily instead of worrying. =)

I pretended that my results were very bad. Then, he called. I held my burst-out-laugh and pretend to be very sad. HahA. Okay la. He got conned at first. XD

Thank goodness I didn't fail any subject and will get to finish my one and only semester in Perth. =)

Going to a barbecue party at Ming Yie's house tomorrow for a farewell. Another farewell. I'm gonna see them in Brisbane in like another half year. wth. HahaHa.

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