Jul 21, 2009


Lately, I been quite down or moody. Or sad. Unhappy, maybe.
But thanks to my brother, been going out with me everyday. Here and there, and spend me on everything. Still, it doesn't stop me from thinking. About everything - uncertainties.

Yesterday, we attended a birthday celebration of Wayne's mom's friend's mom. Okie, a little confusing. In short, a grandma's birthday, 81 years old. They're Christians, whole family. So they had this little short section for gratefulness.

Her children talked about her nobleness. It was very touching. Then, her grandchildren talked about bringing them to McD everytime after school. Gosh, it makes me think of my grandmas. I wanted to cry. I miss them. PoPo didn't like fast food, she didn't allow us to have any fast food when we were still young. Until, I was standard 6. I had my first McD. That's very late.

I'm emotional now. Few more days and fly off again. Gosh, I'm gonna cry like mad again. I don't like separation. It's so silly. I'm even tearing now. =(

3 stars*:

hy said...

换个方式想吧,我们离毕业的日子又近了些,离与他一起生活的日子也近了些 ^^

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

T T I also want to cry ah. That's why we were discussing on whether we want Bernard to be at the airport anot. haha.

_VeL_ said...

Hy: Thanks! I'm trying to think more positively. =)

Deng: HahHA. Only Wayne sending me that day. If he's not going to send you, you not sad meh? No need to discuss la. Sure have to send wan ma.

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