Jul 7, 2009

For laughter! =)

Watched Ice Age 3 today. It's so so so so FUNNY! A must watch movie!

Sid, the sloth. Steal dinasaur's eggs and take himself as their mother. wth. He's the funniest! 'You're so beautiful, just like your mom. Thank goodness. *look at the daddy*' HahaHAhahaA

is funny during the child birth part. *breathhehehahabreath*

We are very smart in purchasing tickets already. This time, we didn't make any booking also, reached MV only buy the tickets. It was selling fast, only left front 2 rows. We asked whether reservation row still available. He told us that 30 minutes before the show time can purchase. Okay, so we went to
Little Taiwan, which is NEARBY and had our dinner. =)

'Tang Tang' noodle and Honey Pork Rib noodle. Just so you know, it's called 擔擔面. Tasted quite nice, texture is alright.

擔擔面. RM9.90.

Honey Pork Rib, with noodle similar as above but without the egg and meat balls. RM9.90.
Omg la. They poured the
honey on it. Didn't expect they just pour on it la. Tasted so weird. Honey is weird. =.=
He soaked it in the noodle's soup to make it taste right. LOL

Taiwan style 'Ying Yong'. Rm3.90
Tasted damn weird la. Watery and too bitter.
We told each other, Taiwan style ma. HahA. Kim Gary's one nicest! Hong Kong style ma.

Conclusion is, we won't go there for second time. Maybe other food taste okay. But won't waste our money to try la. XD

Remember to watch ICE AGE 3! Great for a laugh. =)

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