Jul 30, 2009

I need advices.

Went for a job interview today, for a part time administrative job. Unfortunately, they're looking for people who can work longer than 6 months that later on will become a permanent role. They asked me to consider about it and give them a call if I change my mind. But I've made up my mind to go Brisbane. Suddenly, there's so many stuffs to think of.

And I get emo when he's not free at all to talk with me. He was busy fixing his car absorbers on the whole day, till now. Except this morning. :(

He told me to take the opportunity to work for them, maybe for a year. Then only go Brisbane and look for him which I really don't want to. FYI, it's an accounting and legal firm. What if I really can't make it for a year?

But, I'm also worry that I can't get a job at Brisbane. Economy is so down. Recessions. Sigh.

Random pictures:

Large strawberries. $3.48/250g.

One of the large ones. :)

GO Edward Park.

After walking on the sand. Dirty lo.
Was talking on the phone, didn't realise.

The beef steak, rump. Marinated.
So cooked, till so hard to chew. HaHA.

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