Aug 28, 2009

A dream, just a dream

The night before yesterday, I dreamed that we got married. Ya, very random. It's not like I'm so desperate in getting married.

I'm missing a lots of things, now.

If the webcam can brings me travel time to time or place to place, it would be great. But that would only happen between Perth - Malaysia. HahahAha. Or if Daryl in Japan would wanna invite me over, it would be great too. HAhAha.

I'm hungry. Don't know what to eat. Bookmark Cafe's food kinda sucks now.
I miss McD, but it has to be a meal with someone else. Like, with Kae Shiuh. It was fun how we talked about the past on MSN. And, I wonder can we talk like this when we meet each other again.

My life has never been this dull. It just happen to be so dull.

2 more months!! I'm gonna go home again. But, I really don't miss the polluted weather in M'sia. *haze*

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