Aug 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Obviously, tomorrow is my birthday. Not so happy. I got an email from the company today, saying application is not successful. But still, I'm glad that twins are here with me. So not alone. :)

If he's here too, then i'll be totally alright. He smsed me, told me tha
t there'll be a better job and try again. "No problem wan." :))

When I was alone, freaking sad in the room, I saw a card on the floor.
(wonder who slipped it under my door) A cute and sweet card, with a touchy message. It's from Wenni! I almost cry out when I read it. It just arrived at the right time.

From across the miles. :)

Cute four leafs clover.

The touchy message. :'(
So bad la you. Make me so sad.

I'm glad that we have made it so far, and still learning to be a better friend for each other. It's so nice to have a friend like you. Although you're quiet and secretive person, but you have your enthusiasm side too. HahA.

Thanks a lot for the support and opinions that you gave me too! Especially the moment I was so broken in pieces. Always look for me when you have problems too ya! (of course I wish you never have any problems. HahA) Always ready to online for you. ;)

Oh, you better quickly get one too! You know, the one. HeeHe. I'm always curious, who will that be, you know. Whether 高大威猛, 超级handsome, or what la. Like those in Korean dramas. :P I'll warn him not to bully you okay. HahAHa.

And getting married before 30 is very possible. HahAhA. Don't worry, I'll call you to be one of my bride maids. It's gonna be so fun!

Thanks buddy! You're always there for me. :)

5 stars*:

Cathy C said...

happy birthday hopc :)

ẄεŇиΐ임 said...

Thank god it arrived at the right time!!
See I'm so smart to stick "air mail" on the envelope, so the letter won't get lost :D

K la..just wanna know how emotional u are when receiving my card..haha!
and lastly..Happie 21st Birthday!
(got ur golden key?)

_VeL_ said...

Cathy: Thanks! :)

Thanks! I have no presents, what's more to say a GOLDEN KEY? HAhA.

Thanks for your card again! :)

hy said...

happy 21st bday! ^^

hy said...

happy 21st bday! ^^

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