Aug 13, 2009

When do this stops?

I'm having a cold war with him now. He's so innocent.
I'm so gonna be mad. Nothing can freaking cheer me up. Not even him. Only some occasional stuffs. Like statuses I saw in FB and the ice cream. So sweet.

His last paper is on this Saturday. His BIG day. Probably after that, he'll only spend some time cheering me up. Only that black Monday, he actually called me up and comforted me.

He's gonna hunt for my present after his last paper, which is so so so belated. Estimated 2 weeks more for me to receive it. Maybe I'm gonna be freaking happy at that time? Hope so.

When I was studying half way, I cleaned my room again. Weird. When I'm all tensed up, I'll tend to avoid it and do something else instead of quickly finish it. I chose to clean my room. Sticking up all the dust and wiped everywhere.

AhHhhhHhh. At one moment, I was a little impetuous to buy a ticket online and fly home. And it has to be MAS. Then, I was thinking what shall I say when I get home. If I say I'm too stress, probably only Mom will believe it and not scold me.

Life's so difficult. I really have no idea why am I so pessimistic these days. I wasn't like this before, not the last semester at least. Maybe because it's approaching the end. I'm gonna face everything alone for few months and no specific decision is made yet. I'm at a fork in the road. Don't know which direction to go. Don't know which move to make.

3 stars*:

ẄεŇиΐ임 said...
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ẄεŇиΐ임 said...

Wao..was this the 3rd emo-post this week?! :D Loneliness seems so scary huh?!
We live in the reality and that's the cruel thing about it..haha!

We gotta make decision for ourself but also involving other parties. My friend once told me "growing up is a pain in the ass"..LOL!
I guess that's how people change (better or worse).

I donno how to say nice things here..haha! So take things easy and shall seek my opinion if u want..haha!
Take care!

(something goes wrong in previous i delete it..blame the library comp..haha)

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Ack. I haven't been visiting your blog. Sorry that we didn't cheer you up.

Sometimes I get afraid because I don't seem to be able to cheer people up. I just hope that doing something else or saying something else would distract them from the depressing issue. To momentarily take their sad thoughts away, if possible.

Don't be sad. I know it sucks when the environment around you isn't nice and that you're having a hard time with studies and adapting again. I know I do. I so want to go back all the time. I cry and cry, plan things I want to do when I get back, but I just have to finish this semester first.

Okay, I'm gonna go over and give you a hug. OmG! 0.o I'm so nervous.

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