Aug 22, 2009

Words I wanna hear from you

When I called and asked, "What are you doing?"

I would wanna hear, "Missing you la."

Which it's not possible to hear it from you, anytime. YET. Probably you will after you read this, which I do not hope it happen because of this post.

Ah, just bit disappointed every time the answer is not I wanted to hear from you. Lately, it been about cars. Sam's car, your car, your dad's car. And some stranger's car you saw. You hope you would get to drive that CAR.

I know you're just a silly guy in love matter. Do what you think that it's the best for me. Everything is straightforward and honest. I totally get it.

I guess the words I wanna hear from you will never go across your mind. :)

2 stars*:

cheahwey said...

I'm making my rounds to inform people that I've moved to a new domain.
Despite that, I will still be keeping Convicted Freedom (until further notice). My new url is

Thanks :)


Why you girls like to hear people say "missing you" wan?
I don't get it.

_VeL_ said...

Okay. Added your link.

Because I'm so freaking bloody far away from him and I can't get to see him in 0 distance, that's why I wanna hear the words.

Why the hell it just don't come across to his mind?!

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