Sep 18, 2009

A day lesser.

Been experiencing insomnia for few nights. Almost few nights fell asleep with tears, after smsed with hubby. I can't sleep so I texted him. Even he was tired, he still sms me to comfort me. He doesn't know what to do to makes me feel better. But, his words melted my heart every time he replied me.

Today, he sms me a lot. Keep sending me funny messages. Some lovely messages. So happy la. Hopefully I can keep this happy mood till November. :)

Went for grocery shopping today. Only Teing and I, Hwey was busy with her assignment. And, she cooked us dinner! Conclusion is, she is still better in making sandwiches. HahAha. I miss the steaks that she cooked. Probably, because of Lester's help. *wink*

Anyway, we passed by this path today, out of no where, full of white flowers. We passed by so many times, didn't get to take any picture of it. Finally, get to snap one today. Weeeee.

Nice hor? So bright when there's sun.
The dry grasses outside of our dorm should have some flowers like this too.

The pin badge. Bought from Mui Yit.
The other half with hubby! :)

Talked about buying a new phone. Hubby wants a GPS phone. No more lost ways. HahAhaHA. Go Penang again. Look forward to it.

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