Sep 3, 2009

Don't feel like my days.

I've been feeling very weak. Or shall I say, unwell. I have no idea why. I just feel so different. Especially my stomach. Makes me do not have much appetite all the time. The food I'll crave for in Uni, are hot chocolate and muffin.

When I get home, I won't feel like eating. So different compared with before. Last time, I would knock up their door to ask them for dinner at 6 or 7p.m.. Now, until 9p.m. I don't feel too hungry to eat. And, no. I didn't have any of the snacks that are storing in my room. T.T

And, I have difficulty in pooping. I think I didn't consume enough of water. I guess.

What's wrong with me? :(

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Cathy C said...


_VeL_ said...

Obviously. But I've no idea why it affects my appetite so much. =(

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