Sep 17, 2009

Impulse purchase

Bought some skin care from Sasa website again. Stared at the website for some time, then I clicked CHECK OUT. Hoping these skin care products will help. Then, I looked at my skin care box. A little regret. I bought it.

Feel like buying another handbag. But think of the things I have to bring back at the end of this semester, I hesitated. I really don't know wanna buy some more things or not. Last time, I thought I'll go to Brisbane right after this. But now, have to balik M'sia first. Although I'm leaving some things here to collect during convo on February, but scared will overweight somehow. X)

Money issue too. I'm trying not to waste money on luxuries. Save for future usage ma. I'll have to work on my own for my future expenses. I believe we can go through this, as long as we are together. :)

So lazy la. Have to study for Progress Test 2. But it's semester break after next week. Yay! Can rest la. But I wanna go makan makan, jalan jalan. Don't know wanna pergi mana also. If he's here, go where also happy le.

Sometimes, I would think, if I didn't know Twins from secondary school, I wonder do we have anything to talk about. Obviously, we do not have anything in common. And now, because we're in the same uni and staying under the same roof. Sometimes feel so awkward when we're walking together with nothing to talk about. Just saying la. Nowadays I'm having mood swing. :(

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