Sep 13, 2009


It has been very boring. 2 days didn't 踏出家门. Wanted to go to the city for a walk. Somehow, I felt lazy when I need to change this morning. And, here I am. Blogging.

Just had Coco Puff. Again. A little sien already. But don't know what else to eat. And, I believe Coco Puff and hot chocolate help lessen my period pain/ discomfort. Hot chocolate helps the most. Have to drink more before period comes.

Teing and I decided to go for the Rivercruise that falls on 26th of September. Hwey's not going because it requires a semi-formal dress code. She doesn't fancy all this. Anyway, I'm still thinking what to wear. I have a few dresses. But, not sure how to make it semi-formal.

I can finish up my portfolio in a day, but I chose to drag till the last day. Because I was watching drama, typing and refer to the article at the same time. One day only finish 2 paragraphs. Can die right? Today is the last day. I just gotta finish it.

And, damn. For a 3 marks portfolio, I need to waste my money to print out those article as reference for the tutor. I don't understand why lo. Usually, only need to provide reference. She so lazy to find out then have to trust our reference la. One portfolio, I have 3 articles or more. One articles have 4 pages or more. HOW?? PK lo me. So rugi. All the paper give her some more. I'll 'pot' kao her during unit evaluation.

2 stars*:

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Aiyo. Say la you need paper to print. Go office print ma. I'll pass you a stack tonight.

_VeL_ said...

It's not about the paper.

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