Sep 11, 2009

My lover boy is so handsome! HAHA

It's been so windy and wet this few days. Rain and blow non stop. Scary wei.

Forgot this morning had a group meeting. Sussan texted me, then 'Oh, I forgot.'. Luckily I was awake, so quickly change and walk to campus.

But oh, it's raining! But I didn't realise. I just thought it's very windy. Never bring umbrella! =.= Aiseh, luckily my jacket has the hoodie. But, still quite wet la.

I thought of staying at home study and watch drama. HaHA.

Why is it so windy la? It's not very cold thou. Only the sound is scary.

Miss my honey so much. All the best for your job interview today! Hope you will get the job. And, let me spend all of your salary. HAhAhaHahA.

Oh, and my mom hired him to work at her shop too. My mom told him to come work anytime he likes, work any day he wants and work until when also can. End work at 9p.m., instead of 9.30p.m.. Wahseh. I also don't have this kind of privilege. I'm jealous!!

Ok la. I skipped work for half day sometimes. HahAHhaHa.

We're having pasta for dinner tonight!! :)

Oh, and have a safe journey to my parents! They're heading to Alaska later, at 5p.m.. Have fun seeing sea whales and traveling with the cruise.

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