Oct 22, 2009

Be positive.

Dad called me yesterday night. *once in a blue moon* I talked so loudly, probably Teing heard me. HAHAHA.
He called not to ask me how am I doing. Definitely not. He called to ask me buy air ticket online for him. For February. *motive* HAHAHA


Am having the toughest week throughout the whole semester. I know I can do it. After this week, I can finally give myself some enjoyable time. *phew*

Be positive, is what I can do now. It's also what he wants me to be. I will try. *smile*

I miss you so much. I know you miss me a lot too. Hehehe.
You're always the best. :)

Can't wait to go to the places we planned earlier. It's gonna be so exciting. Weeeeee.

I dreamed of my 2nd sista and 舅母 yesterday night. I saw her bulged stomach and they said it's gonna be a boy!! Hehehe. Hopefully it'll be a boy then. :)

So random. HAHAHA.

1 stars*:

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

I'm so excited too!! *hyperventilate*

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