Oct 4, 2009

Mooncake Festival

It was Mooncake Festival last night. Mom called. Can't 3G because our house has no 3G signal. Aiseh. Can't see how happy were they.

Talked with Mom, sista, and godfather who just have a daughter in law. =)

However, my batt died half way! I was charging it already. But still failed. It cut. T_T My batt can go hell. And, I don't know wanna buy a new phone or a new batt when I get back.

But, I can feel how happy were they. They were sipping red wine, watching TV and chit chatting around. Miss them so much.

We 3, had our mooncake celebration earlier last month. So long ago. WuahAhaHA. Don't know why they had it so early here. Check out my Facebook pictures if you have not.

So ya..Happy Mooncake Festival to the loners, us. Sad. So far away from home. BUT, we're going home soon, pretty much very soon. HAHAHA. Can't wait!!

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