Oct 27, 2009

Random food

Just had my dinner.

Siu Mai, with Chili sauce.

It tasted quite nice. Make me miss M'sia's dim sum even more. Can't wait to go back and have dim sum in the morning, with my family and Wayne. :)

Bought Tim Tam yesterday. Original flavour. Better than Chips More lah of course. It was on special, only $2. Should buy one more pack lah. Not enough.

Only left a presentation and one project! Can relax a bit today. :)

Probably put a mask and sleep earlier. The pimples are all popping out. Why lah? Why I sleep late then sure got pimples pop out wan?

I scared before go back, my face very chan already le. T__T

2 stars*:

ẄεŇиΐ임 said...

Eh, i think my fridge no more Tim-Tam original d.
Can buy some for me?! haha.

Cathy C said...

I just had dimsum today! HAHAA

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