Oct 20, 2009

A release.

Marketing of Services Take Home Exam - 26th, 4pm. Pretty simple. Am working on it now.

Econometrics Project - 26th, 5.30p.m. Just knew how to start. Will continue working on it.

Marketing - Professional of Practice Take Home Exam - 27th, 4pm. Sucks badly. It's not as straightforward as I thought. Have to do external research!! F****! I'm totally collapsing. I'm gonna screw the paper.

Capstone presentation - 28th. I'm half way done. Still working on it.

I'm expecting my period to come on this few days. It was, last month. Gosh. How? HOW? HOW?? I'm so horrified right now. I'm so scared. I feel miserable. I'm gonna continue my work now. T_T

I wanna go home!! :'(
I miss you so much!! I just burst into tears. I think it's a release.

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