Oct 14, 2009

Twice of happiness :)

Today is the last round for Capstone, the online business simulation. It was great. We scored 35/35 for this subject!! How great is it. Actually it's really not very hard. It's kinda fun instead. Predicting your sales forecast, investing your "money", seeing how will it turn out.

My group is the consistent one in the class. Keep climbing up without falling down, not even once. Awesome. Now our stock price is $163. How awesome is that. HahAHaha.

So happy today.

When I was in the Capstone class, Mom and Dad called a few times. But I didn't manage to pick them up. I thought it was something urgent. Then, Mom SMSed me. We're going to Bangkok next month! Four days!! WooOoohOooo. Can shopping kao kao. :)

She called to confirm my date of going home. So ya, I manage to tag along with them. But now I'm worrying. Is there something going on in Bangkok? Is it a dangerous place now? I been there twice but it has changed. Isn't it? Someone tell me.

Anyway, I left half of the reflection paper to write for Capstone. I can do it! *semangated*

Then, I have 3 more presentations to go. 2 on next week, 1 more on the following week. Ohmigosh. *rolleyes*

Oh, and there's one project to work on for Econometrics. I've no idea how to do it at all. *faint*

Following, Take Home Exams are out. Have to manage my time well so I can finish 2 in a week. *dead*

Finally, have a few days to take a rest before start studying for my ONLY subject in final exam. *phew*

And, I can finally enjoy and balik rumah!! Can't wait.


Bad thing for today is, I have rashes since I got up this morning. Been scratching and scratching in the class. Left hand, neck, left leg and top of my back. Pop a pill just now. After 30 minutes, feels much better now. But it's still quite itchy.

I'm hungry. T.T

2 stars*:

Kennee said...

Omg... hope ur rashes will be cleared soon... ^^
Btw, nanged ya post and also clicked on ya ads oredi... have a good day...aite? XD

_VeL_ said...

Thanks. :)
The rashes are kinda gone.

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