Oct 28, 2009

When emotions take over me

I'm suffering. It feels so horrible. So awful. I feel like throwing up. And, for the whole day, I only had garlic bread. Yesss, I did not eat anything. My hormone is going crazy and abnormal. Even my period is in a mess now.

I miss home. I miss you, you, you, you, you and you.

Yesterday night I did not get to sleep till 5a.m. I texted him at 3a.m. Surprisingly, he called me. He accompanied me to talk on the phone even he was a little unwell and tired. What's more, he had to go work at 8a.m. How cruel am I.

To my dearest, I really miss being by your side. Being able to feel you, touch you. Able to go around with you. Camwhore with you. Kiss you whenever. Cuddle with you in our space. I'm bored webcaming with you. It was never fun. It feels so unreal. I hate it so much. But it's the only way I can see how are you doing, your smiles, your lame joke making, your actions. I hate talking on the phone with you, because I can't see you. Can't show you how do I feel. I wanna be under your arms when we chat. Whenever I need you.

Believe it or not. I'm crying when I'm typing this.

Although it's not gonna be any longer, but I really can't wait to skip all this and be with you. I can't wait to leave all this behind.

While I'm typing this, I wanted to open my door and shout, "Stop slamming your fucking door!". Jesus Christ! 3 times!!! When I'm writing this post. I'll write it on the white board tonight. Trust me. She's irritating me. Thank god I'm leaving so soon and will not see her anymore.

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