Nov 20, 2009

No idea of why.

I felt different ever since I'm back in M'sia. Maybe, is the food. The people. The weather. The environment. The caring. Everything seems so different. Maybe I'm sucks in adaption. Sometimes, I wish I could get out of it.

It has been a boring life. Although he spent a week with me, played around, cuddled with me and being sweet to me, I still felt life's a little meaningless. Especially when I have nothing else better to do. I just spent half of my day at Starbucks with Kae Shiuh, online and sipped coffee.

I know I need to get a job. Make my life a little more significant. A little more valuable. If you get what I mean. I'm starting to feel I'm worthless. I could live a little better. Not to revolve around him or try to fill up my time by finding someone else out.

Now I wish I'm single. HAhAHhaHAhahA. I wonder if he ever feels like being single again.

Do I look a little bit different to you, compare with others? Do I have any special thing in me? I wondered. I wonder why, I was the one you chose. Not her, her or her. Did you see anything special in me or it just happened that way.

I wish, I do not have to make any choices. While, someone out there in this world, wish to make their own choice to decide their path. We always think that thing would be different if the choices were made by us and even things happen not as we want it too, we will not regret. Because we made the decision, not others.

Btw, I camwhore so much lesser these days. Not in a mood or wrong angle. Look so yong sui no matter with what face, what look, what expressions. Cham nya. T__T

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