Nov 17, 2009

Shocking decision

I've made up my mind. Even Wayne was a little in shocked when I told him.

I've decided not to go for the convocation. Honestly, it's just a cert and what I'll be doing is to walk up to the stage and get the cert. Also, lots of pictures will be taken lah. It's the memories that count. However, it seems very exhausting, just to think of the flights and the journey. KL - Perth - Brisbane.

So yeah. I'm not going for the convocation. The happiest guy, for now, is my dad. Save the flights money and get to stay for CNY. And, next month, he's going to Japan.AGAIN! So boring lah him. Lets hope the exchange for the convo is some pretty nice gifts or handbags.

A relief. I don't have to check which airline company is cheaper or what promo is on. At least, not for my dad. He's kinda annoying and hard - to - please. Bla bla bla.

In case you wanna know, I think I'll call a courier company to send my stuffs over to Brisbane. Oh, have to check which company offer better deal now. T__T

WooOooHoOOoo. I'm looking forward for the Singapore trip. Hopefully I'll able to buy nice and value for money stuffs. Christmas yo. Get to walk around with him and spend si-weet moments with him. :)

4 stars*:

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

You still going back to Perth anot then?

_VeL_ said...

No. I'll be going to Brisbane straight from KL. I'll call the courier company to ship those stuffs. Might need both of your help.

ẄεŇиΐ임 said...

WHAT!! You're not going for convocation?!
Nemai, accompany me here. haha! XD

_VeL_ said...

Ya lah. You said u dunwanna go so I ma don't wanna go also lah. HAhAHahA.

I will ask them to send my cert over only lah. No need to fan.

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