Dec 13, 2009

Crowd Control Products

Due to the problem that some of the people who do not follow the rules, there is a need of crowd control to make sure the people will stay in line while queuing or waiting for to be served. It's always better to prevent any conflicts happen during the event or in the business place than to let it happen.

One way to prevent the crowd goes nut is by using the stanchions. You can always see this during a huge event, bank, or cinema. They have different designs or material to suit different events, places or atmospheres.

Some looks classy, for example, the velvet ropes. It's always seen in a hotel or high end shopping malls to indicate the standard of the places.

The price is between $47 - $50 depends on the height of the stanchions. Besides, customers get to choose the colours of the stanchions to suit different places. However, the most commonly seen is red colour velvet rope.

There's another type which is commonly seen at the cinema's queues or banks. It's called the retractable belt stanchions. It's 4 - way retractable and easy to replace or to change other colours belts. It is also possible to print any preferred messages or logos on it by the company.

Barricades are also used to control the crowd for security, traffic or privacy purpose. It is commonly seen a
t events or places that need to be secured from the public. There's several types which can be used for different purpose. For example, the picture shown beside shows the barricades can be place with advertisements or messages while restricting the area. Besides, these barricades are available in different sizes too to fit different requirements.

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