Dec 30, 2009

Penang Trip

Finally, has the internet to update a little bit of my previous trips. FYI, it’s Old Town White Coffee internet. HAHAHA. My home’s internet has been down for a week plus already!! Lucky thing is I went for trips. If not, I’ll sure bore to death at home. XD

So we went to Penang. It was a 3 days 2 nights trip. The whole trip is all about FOOD. Stuffed myself lots of food and I gained a little of weight. Till now, I still feel I got fatter. My TUMMY!! Feel so bad of myself right now. Why the fats don’t go to somewhere else? My breast, maybe? HAHAHAHAHA.

Have to start workout from now on. Maybe starts with swimming. Hehehe. Hopefully, I can stop eating too much too till I recover my ideal weight, 45kg. I hate exercises that will produce so much sweat, so swimming will be the only thing for me. HAHAHAHA. See lah. Maybe add a little bit of walking in the house. XD

Back to the Penang trip. So, we stayed at Evergreen Laurel Hotel that located at Gurney Drive. It was quite an expensive stay. RM600 for 2 nights, but the room was really awesome. It has the sea view!! Service was good. Everything was great. Except the time when we check in. A minor problem occurred.

The hotel.

Our room. 2 queen size beds. Comfortable. :)

The hotel's mirror. HAHAHAHA

We had been to several places, just to EAT. Didn’t even visit any tourism places. The place I wanted to visit the most, Penang Hill, was closed. Aiyo. Too bad le. So ya, that’s the reason why I gained so much weight.

Pancake House.

Mango waffle.

Shawn and Vivian. Mango pancake. :)

At Gurney Drive. Rojak and Che Cheong Fun.

Check out FB for more pictures. XD

The trip was fun, ended quite fast without realizing at all. We went to Taiping to visit Wayne’s grandparents and headed to Ipoh for Chicken rice!! Yummy. :)

So we had a night trip back home. It was quite jam and adventurous. There was one part of the journey, where the car behind us almost can’t break on time and bang our car. The tire shutting sound was scary. There was a few accidents happened that involved 4 cars in one accident. Scary-ness.

I won’t go to Penang anymore. Once and for once, it’s enough. The 司机s there are awful. I never like their way of driving, as if they do not care about others live. So yep, no more Penang.

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