Dec 13, 2009

This was what going on.

Been going everywhere these days. Tired but great. At least kinda spent my time in a better way. Stop myself from thinking nonsense. :)

Present to you, Simon's piggy hamster. One of it lah. Manyak cute I tell you. I forgot what's its name.

The normal obedient look.

Hair spike look. Become so yeng leh. X)

Went to One U yesterday. White Christmas was the theme. So nice.

Wanted to take a nice picture of ourselves by asking a stranger's help. But, I still can't really get over the fact that I don't prefer stranger taking picture for us. So, no fancy nice pictures of us with the Christmas background. :(

However, we camwhored earlier on!

I was forced to take that picture. HAHAHAHAHA. So ugly lah. He smiled so happily some more. =P

And, a normal picture of us. :)

Btw, we also head to Genting on yesterday night. And, came down at 9am. Don't ask me why. Definitely not for gambling. X)

It was taken when we came down at 8.30am. It's like a place called heaven. HAHAHAHA.

The fog was kinda heavy too. Can't even see the road or cars ahead. Luckily I wasn't the driver. Hehehe. I fell asleep. So tired.

Thanks for giving me such lovely days and holding me tight wherever we go. :)

2 stars*:

Deng, the very eveel genius said...


_VeL_ said...

Jealous apa? The hamster? The One U Christmas background? Or Genting? You also can lah.

No need to be jealous. :)

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