Jan 29, 2010

All about FOOD.

Looked back at the pictures I've taken last month. :)

Smoked salmon spaghetti. Somewhere in CyberJaya. Love the minced and sauce. ***

Little Taiwan. Fried Chicken Noodle. Not really nice. **

Canton bay. Taufu Seafood Claypot. The taufus are so soft, gravy is so delicious. Definitely worth the price. *****

Delifrance. Cute hor? ***

药材鸡. Herbal Chicken. Somewhere in KL, behind Time Square. Tasted very healthy. ****

Pancake House. Banana Pancake with cream. Quite sweet and creamy. ***

Kim Gary. Rice and pork baked with cheese. Love this the most. The cheesy taste very delicious!! Gonna miss this. ****

Papa Rich. Ice Kacang with Ice cream. Not really nice. **

Face to Face. Dry Pan Mee. Not bad lah. ***

Gonna miss all this when I get to Brisbane. Ohhh, Chinese food. :)

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