Jan 13, 2010

Can't get back to sleep.

I'm ranting here because I can't get to sleep back after sending my sister to school in the morning at 6am! I've been doing this for 2 weeks already. Awesomeness, I tell you. Oh, and I also do the pick ups at 3pm. EVERYDAY. Unless, she plans to go Sg. Wang.

I wonder who'll be doing the send and pick ups after I leave.

Talking about leaving. Yep. Four more weeks to go. I'm leaving earlier than twins. The most probably case, is he's coming with me to Brisbane first. I told him, I'm afraid. :')

It's been quite a while after I was told that he's going to Tasmania instead of Brisbane. Till the moment is approaching, I realised I'm really not that ready yet. I cried so badly when my menstruation pain started. I cried even sadder when I thought that I'll be alone there crying during menstruation pain. Like I did in Perth, sometimes.

He spent most of his time with me, to make me believe it will not be that bad. It's another year of separation but it'll end very quickly as well. Minus off all the holidays and the visits, I'll not be seeing him for only 8 months. Domestic flights are cheap. Yep, I believe I can do it. I just have to keep the faith in him. :)

Btw, it's our candle light dinner tonight! It's not as expensive as you think it is. I believe it'll be kinda awesome. Stay around for the next update. See how an inexpensive dinner can have such nice atmosphere. :)

*cross finger* Hope it'll turn out quite well.

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