Feb 20, 2010

Another place to chilax

We went to this Old Town White Coffee in Kerinchi for once. This one was a little different from the others. It has 2 floors and it's kinda spacious which have couches too. Good place to lepak and chit chat. Comfy seats. =)

He wanted to bring me there long time ago. But, because we have to go through federal highway and it's ALWAYS jam. So we kinda waited till that night, around 12am, before heading to the movie.

Part of the place. CNY was coming.

The one who had the thought. =)

He wanted to take a picture of us with that background. HAHAHA
But I did a bad job.

Then, he tried. He got it. But with my yong sui face. T.T
Angle problem. Wth.

The Rose Float. It tasted really nice.

The curry mee, as usual. *Yummy*

The nasi lemak.

I forgot to take a picture of the couches. There's limited couches though. Oh, and there's a smoking zone; more like a smoking room.

If you are a Old Town White Coffee's fan (I know someone who's Anti OTWC. HAHA), maybe you should try this place out. Pay the same price, but enjoy a better atmosphere, I suppose. =)

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