Feb 13, 2010

New place, new life.

Moved into my new place 2 days ago, a day before Wayne left to Tasmania. So grateful that he was here with me. =)

Let the pictures do the talking.

My door. High ceiling, with fan.
Opposite of my room, is my house mate called Jimmy. From China, who speak English quite well. And, friendly.
His wall colour is RED. Mine is GREEN. HaHAha.

My queen size bed.
We repositioned it to make more space in the room.
Thanks to Wayne, helped me to transfer it. =)

My wardrobe. But I prefer the hanging type.
Might get a portable wardrobe soon. =/

My study table. Kinda new. =)
It comes with a leather chair. But it's kinda hot to sit on at the noon.

The classic window. Looks kinda dangerous hor?
But I'm at 2nd floor lah. Wayne checked. SAFE! X)

The open type kitchen. So windy at the noon.
I rather stay there than in my room. It's so much cooler. =)

The view from my window.
It's really cool to look out at night to enjoy the breeze and watch the stars. =)

Yep, that's all for my place. But, I guess I won't be staying here long. It's really hot at the noon. Lets see how will the winter like.

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