Feb 18, 2010

Panorama Restaurant

The last place we went before we left M'sia. =)

We went to Look Out Point, for the very last time. Wayne doesn't really like the place, because he feels there's nothing special about the place and the view are just lights only. HAHAHA. But because I insisted, so we still went there. =)

Us. At the stair case.

Then we walked around, see which restaurant to settle in for light snacks. Then, we found this new place called Panorama Restaurant.

The entrance. Before climbing the stairs again.

The place that used to view the sight only, turned out to be a dining place already.

The view. Kinda blur from my camera. =/
Right, they're just lights. HAHAHA.

Ordered French Fries, as usual.

My, hot lemon tea. His, apple juice.

It's kinda the same as Gasoline or other cafes. We chose this restaurant, plainly because it's new to us. HahAhaHA. But, the view is clearer than Look Out Point Cafe. Lesser trees blocking lah.

Oh, one thing. After we left the place, my body felt itched. Really itched. I was suspecting the chairs. Wayne was a little bit itchy too, but not as serious as mine. Probably is just me, skin too sensitive.

So, if you wanna experience something new, go for it. Not a bad place to lepak after all. =)

3 stars*:

kenwooi said...

nice place.. i'll go there one day =)


cheahwey said...

Just so you know how it looks like right now: you're recommending a place that probably has mites crawling around...

_VeL_ said...

kenwooi: Try it out!! =)

Hwey: You see, I wrote it was maybe just my skin. Or maybe just that chair. So I can't probably say bad about that place because of ONE incident. Lots of people were there at that night. So, people should still go try it out as probably it was just my problem.

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