Mar 22, 2010

Hogs Breath Cafe

This night, I suggested to go out for a dinner instead of cooking at home. And, Jimmy said okay. Actually he wanted to try everything before leaving this place at the end of this year. And I was lazy to cook. Wasn't in a mood la.

So, we chose the nearest place, which is the barrack. After I went through the list online, I still have no idea which one to dine at. Thought of sushi, pizza and steaks. We reached there, and a few was full house. So, we decided to dine in Hogs Breath Cafe, which had lesser people and better atmosphere.

It's basically a western kind of thing which serve burgers, steaks, wine, and desserts. They have menu available from their website as well. :)

The people.

Part of the place.

Our H2O.

The view from our seats.

A beer bottle that fill with pepper and salt. Special :)

Mine. Rib and Steak Combo. $29.95.
Served on Cajun rice with Hog Tail Fries and house salad.

Jimmy's. Garlic Prawn Prime Rib. $34.95.
I took the wrong side. I think it taste nice with the prawn. :)

The bar inside the Cafe.

After our dinner, we were so full. So, we bought a bottle of beer and walked a big round to go home. HAHAHAHA. Digestion. :)

The dinner was good. The meat was tender and sauce was really nice! Seriously, I wish I know how to make it myself. I'll bring W to try it out when he comes this June. :)

We'll go try out the sushi shop next time. Hehe.

5 stars*:

kenwooi said...

the rib and steak combo looks good =)

kumfye said...

hog tail fries just like the Mcd curly fries....haha...the garlic prawn seems like so delicious...lucky u never shot from the other angle...if not you really making me hungry

cheahwey said...

how'd the sauce taste like? recreate it, experiment at home! IF I come over, you cook for me ah. Rmb to pat dry the meat first, or the water will keep coming out. Hahaha.

cheahwey said...

Not like you don't already know that. But still... good times. haha..

_VeL_ said...

Kenwooi: It was really goooood! :)

Kumfye: Ya, like Mcd Fries la. HAhHAHa. But it taste real nice. :)

Hwey: Very lazy to cook it eh. Scared got BLOOOOOOD flow out again. =/ HAhHAhahA. But we can try again!! :) Gooooood times!

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