Apr 30, 2010

Chocoholics: You may be depressed

I received an e-mail few days ago. The title was kinda catchy - "Attention Chocoholics: You may be depressed".

The picture in the e-mail. *Lovely*

Because I've been eating lots of chocolates, like Twix, Time Out, Cadbury chocolates, orea, etc. Kinda each for a day. So I was thinking, maybe I should read it up. =)

I was quite moody for the past few days.

All the while I thought chocolates makes people feel better after eating it. Turned out, it could not be the case. But, I guess it depends on the person itself. Like hypnotise yourself, telling yourself that chocolates can make you feel happier. Moreover, they contain sugar. Sweet = happy. XD

However, according to another research conducted, dark chocolates may help reduced stress level as it lower the level of stress hormones. I don't like dark chocolate though. It taste bitter. No likey. Luckily I'm not very stress now. I'm just lonely. *OMG*

So, go read it up if you're interested or you're a chocoholic. =)

1 stars*:

Kelvin said...

I love dark chocolate^^

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