Apr 24, 2010

Excited? I guess.

Finally bought myself a desk lamp, from Big W. A fancy one. Loving it already. :)

Kinda lots of things on my table.
Had to find a right place for it. *OMG*

Turned out, W bought the same one in Tasmania too. HAHAHA. Coincidence. Maybe because it was the cheapest among all, which is $19. Anyway, it's really nice and BRIGHT.

Forgot to mention, W's lamp is white! Mine is green. Heeeee. :)

Woooot! After arranging things on my table.
That's the best spot. HAHAHA

One thing in Australia, they actually don't sell the lamp with the globe. *Do M'sia sell the lamp itself without globe too?* Everywhere is the same. Only sell the lamp itself. So, I had to buy the globe separately, which I bought it wrongly! When I reached home, only realised that the head of the globe is too big. I should buy a small screw type. What to do? It's W's expertise.

Called W to complained a bit and asked for info. Thank goodness Coles is so near. So I walked out again to buy the right globe. The hassle.

Btw, I also bought Twix again! 3 for $5!! I cannot resist. Had to buy it. So I can have it for lunch sometimes. *Determination gone*

And, 4 cans of tuna for $5! I'm gonna make salad tonight! Will it taste nice with apple, lettuce and Mayo? Hmmm.

Enough of excitement already.

Left 2 more mid semester exams. Phewww. And, 1 assignment report. Kinda hate Finance. So many numbers and ratios and formulas. Oh, I'm Master in Finance. *Shyt*

1 stars*:

tidus86 said...

i had enough of finance :P

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