Apr 5, 2010

Little Singapore Restaurant

And so, after stayed home for 3 days straight, for assignment sake! We decided to go for a dinner tonight. But had no idea where to go thou, because it's still Easter holiday. Some restaurants are closed.

We walked to the City. Walked and walked. Finally decided to dine in this Little Singapore. *Exhausted and hungry*

It has 15% surcharge today! Because it's Easter. *Damn* Apparently, the labour is higher for working on public holiday. But Jimmy thinks that they're underpaid anyway. Hmmm.

So here it is.
Oh, the seats are not very comfortable, for me. It's kinda low. Ya, don't really like it.

The Menu. Kinda lots of choices. And, almost full house that full of

My Milk Tea - $3.30. Tasted alright.
Btw, the crews are all Asians, who speak Cantonese! Ironic. :)

My Tom Yum Seafood Noodle - $13.90. Not as strong taste as M'sia one. But okay la. It has prawns, fish, scallops and squids. Not too bad. :)

Jimmy's Dried Wanton Noodle - $12.90. Looks delicious with the 'char siew' and chicken. No artificial colour, most importantly. :)

And we chatted the time away. Sometimes I feel kinda geram when I speak with him. Like he doesn't really get what I mean and can't get the joke. Hmmm. No idea. But still, he's a good friend and a great house mate. :)

Oh and, when I got home and switched on my room's light, it just pooooof. No light! Was kinda panic, because my landlord went off for a holiday and there's no ladder at home. So Jimmy thought of using my study table. I changed the bulb btw. Thought of experiencing it and I'm lighter than him. HAHA. But when it came to putting back the cover, I can't get to close it no matter what. So he had to do it anyway. -.-

Off the hook! Can you see it?

4 stars*:

taipau said...

hati ku berdarah tengok harga mcm tu, alas, i m happy that i m in kampar. ahahha

_VeL_ said...

Hmmm. Hati ku pun berdarah tetapi mau cuba so no choice lo. lol

Once in a while ok la. :)

kaeshiuh said...

This kind of restaurant aren't meant for customers to hang out long because that's how their business is judging by the Seats . You eat , you chow .. Unlike starbucks .. which they make the bench seats comfy and people will hang out there the whole day ordering drinks and food . = )

_VeL_ said...

Of course it's not meant for people to hang out la. It's a restaurant, not Cafe. The seats are awfully low, but it has cushion all. Just that the position for eating is not comfortable.

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