May 9, 2010

♥ Clouds + Sun + Sky ♥

Just wanna share these beautiful pictures with you guys. Personally, I think they are pretty awesome. I know, there are more awesome views out there. Wait till I have the chance to capture them. =)

There was a hole between the clouds, and make it like blessing whatever it was there. ♥
Love the clouds.

Like an explosion going on there. But I really love the colour. So nice. ♥ ♥
When I saw it, I "Wah!". Seriously.

Now, I hope I have a DSLR with me. Just to capture these moments. One day.. =)

2 stars*: said...

love our mother nature! <3

nanged u. nang this if u support msia!

jfook said...

Nice shot. :)

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