Jun 8, 2010

You're gone, but you'll never be forgotten.

Yesterday night, I received a very shocking news from my sister - Grandpa passed away.

They said, he passed away in peace. He left us in his sleep. I know, we know that this may be the best way for him to leave instead of struggle with sickness. He had history of heart attack and kidney failure. But everything seem fine after taking medicines and treatments.

I called him last month. He still sounded so energetic and asked me when I'm going back. I just can't believe he's gone. I should've called him yesterday. I'm so regret that I didn't. I can't even listen to his voice for the one last time.

He's the best grandfather. Since I was young, he brought me around with his oldy car. Asked me to show him the directions even though he knew it better than I did. Maybe that's why I have such good direction sense now. Always had lame jokes. Always had a smile on his face. Always came by our house with grandma to cook us good food.

I saw the moment when he was so sick. I just thought that, if he keep on eating his medicines, he'll be fine. I thought that, not letting him eat oily food, he'll be fine. In the end, he still left us. Without any warning, any sign.

I feel even sad for grandma. They've been together for more than 50 years. Never once leave each other for anything. It breaks my heart when I heard her cry and telling me that grandpa always think of me when I was away. She still wants to take care of him but now he's gone. I'm worry that she can't stand it without grandpa around. When I think of her sadness, her heart breaking, my tears dropped. I really wish I can be there.

There's a decision to make. My parents chose to ask me to stay. Told me to concentrate on my exams, which is starting in two days. Grandpa will understand and he'll always be with God.

Grandpa, I hope you're happy and healthy now. We'll always miss you. You're the best grandpa ever. You'll never be forgotten.

This is the only thing I can do now, by being so far away from you.

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Anonymous said...

dun b sad..will b ok soon..i cried in my room,coz i dun no wat can i do other than tis..i really miss him..my grandpa..(peipei)

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