Jul 26, 2010


So much to write. I don't even know where to start with.

Life's so far so good, AGAIN. Still not really used to walking around Uni, especially hills. There was once, I thought I was going to die when I could hardly breath after walking up hill. The campus is too huge, I guess. Or my stamina is not enough. Since then, Wayne dropped me off at the building's entrance. XD

It's our 22nd day living together. Still not really used to it. Especially, when I know the toilet door can actually open from outside! It's some sort of safety method. The door can open with a coin from outside. He's so playful till I had to warn him after I realised it. T_T But life's full of fun when it happens. HAHAHAHA

That day, when we were going out for a walk, we saw our neighbour's cat. It's a white fluffy blue eyes cat. It just looked at us when we waved. XD

I think the fur keeps him warm. He always sleep out, even it's only 7c. =|

In case you don't know, Tasmania is surrounded by sea. So wherever we walked to, we always see the ocean.

When we were walking towards the trail.

Stopped by for the view.

But, Tasmania is really a small island. Malls are so small and not much varieties. I miss Brisbane sometimes, because I get to walked pass the City everyday and do some shopping when I want to. XD

Btw, we do lots of cooking at home. He just loves to cook, then I have to cook to satisfy his appetite. HAHAHA

The omelet, with long bean and prawns.
It's the most successful one, wasn't burn at all. =)

He tried to make roast pork too. But turned out too hard to bite.
But it tasted delicious with sweet chili.

We found ladies fingers in an Asian store. But very expensive lo - $14.50 per kg.
Fried it with something like sambal. Yummy!

He makes sandwiches for our lunch on next day as well.

Random pictures:

Flowers in Salamanca Market.
Buying flowers in Aussie is really cheap. If you don't convert la. XD

When I opened my house door.
It's not the same as seeing it yourself. =)

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