Aug 9, 2010

Birthday! ♥

It's been 5 days since my birthday over. Nothing really special happened. But I feel it was indeed the special-iest one I ever had.

Day before the big day.

Went to this bakery shop. Didn't expect they have such nice cakes. :)

Bought these 8 pieces of cakes. ♥ Delicious!
Each of them has their own unique taste. And they're only $3.80 each. :)

Thought of having them when the clock ticks 12am. Then, Wayne thought of a better idea. He asked me to stay in the toilet while he went to prepare the little surprise. :)

He held me out, I saw one slice of cake is there, with 2 candles on and sang me the sweetest birthday song ever. ♥

When the clock ticked 12am, made my wish. I was greedy. Hehehe

Got a kiss before the camera clicked. :)

Tiramisu. Freaking soft! ♥
He picked the right one for the night. :)

#Gosh, I can't remember all of the cakes' name. But, seriously. *thumb up!*

On my birthday. Had dinner in Nando's after class.

Us, with Nando's No. 1. XD

Our dinner, called Fiesta. A whole flamed-grill chicken with Coleslaw. ♥ Well spent.

Went home and had two slices of cake. Can't help myself! Haha..

Chocolate fudge. It tasted just right, not too sweet. ♥
The strawberry was very fresh!

Can't remember this one! I think it's pure cheese cake. Cheesy. ♥

Ended the celebration, with a self timer picha. ♥

The following days, we had each for each day. Funny hor.. :)

Chocolate mixed with cheese. Melted in your mouth right away. ♥ It was cold.

Cheese cake with raisins in it. A different taste. ♥

Wine left from Twin's visit on July. Finished it, finally. :)

Lemon and lime cheese cake. ♥
I thought it would taste weird. But no..! It was really appetizing!

Vanila slice. Really hard to eat.
The top was really hard, middle was very soft. Wouldn't buy this again.

Rapsberry with white chocolate. ♥
Unique taste. :)

So, that was it. Really ♥ the cakes. Ah, this is a long post. Hope you're not bored with it.

# Dedicate specially to 'HER' who doesn't play FB. For you! ♥ You know who you are. :)


6 stars*:

cheahwey said...

i cant believe you bought white chocolate...

_VeL_ said...

It says white chocolate, but the bottom tasted like cheese. We think the top small ones are white chocolate pieces though. Delicious still! ♥

WεNиi임 said...

I try not to be perasan, but I feel this special dedication is for ME. XD

Love you, thanks!! Happy always :D

_VeL_ said...

Ya la! Scared you can't see all these cakes pictures that I'll upload on FB. XD

Love you too!!

Carmen Lu said...

nice cakes =D

_VeL_ said...

Thanks!! :)

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