Aug 28, 2010

Side Income ♥

As you can see, I've joined Neobux recently. On July. There's a banner on the right, FYI.

What attracted me at the first place, was its instant payment process. Using Paypal, Netteller or Alertpay. Pretty safe, I would say. Unlike, they have a queue. Gosh.

Anyway, I joined and try my luck on this. I bought 10 referrals for $2.50, which consider pretty cheap compared with other clicking ads site. I recovered my capital in 9 days and starting making money. I tried cashing out and it paid me instantly to my Paypal. :)

After consideration and discussing with Wayne, I bought 30 more referrals and upgraded to Golden membership. Depends on how active are my referrals, I'll probably recover my cost after 3 months. These things gonna need patience.

Talking about referrals. Because those are rented referrals, therefore you can recycle them if you found them being inactive. They're human as well. So you can't expect them to behave like you are. Some of my referrals don't click everyday. Some even funnier; skip alternative day to click.

Fortunately enough, I have a Golden member under my referrals. Golden members have 9 - 10 ads per day, while standard members only have 4 - 5 ads per day. So, you gotta observe your referrals clicking behaviour to determine who to recycle. :)

I'm sharing this, because I guess everyone wants a side income even though they have a stable full time job. Who doesn't want to earn some easy money? You just need to invest a little for a bigger return. You can't expect for better return if you are hesitate to invest. That's reality.

Of course I would want you to join under me. What's more important is, I think everyone in this world needs EXTRA money. A full time job salary just couldn't fulfill most of their wants after satisfying their needs. Right or not?

What's better? My investment money comes from other side income such as online surveys or writing sponsored post. It helped a lot when you think there's a risk to invest. Not using your own money, you'll feel even you lost it, you won't feel your money was wasted. But when there's a real life example, it's not too hard for you to make a decision. :)

If you're interested to earn some side income, why not join Neobux? Simple registration and off you go! :)

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