Nov 28, 2010

Believe. ♥

I'm in front of my laptop at the middle of the night. Almost 2am actually. Not like the dramatic show, with all the lights off and only the laptop light reflects on my face lah.

He's actually sleeping sweet and sound. Most probably because he serviced his friend's car today. Unlike the past few days, he'd been sleeping at 5 or 6am. Simply because he couldn't sleep at all, until 7am. Then he'll sleep until 3pm, or until I bug him up.

But today, he fell asleep on my lap while I was watching TV. Then, I started to watched his sleeping face, instead of the show on TV. I was wondering what did I do to deserve this cute, handsome and perfect guy in my life. He is, indeed, a 100% good guy; although he's not really 100% good in his studies. But I always believe there's something else in him. God is fair. If you're not good in one thing, you're blessed with other skills or expertise. In his case, he's good in mechanical stuffs but in practical side; not theory side. So yeah.. This degree is kinda just a paper sometimes.

Since he switched to Civil from Mechanical Engineering, he has to start learning soil, geography and electrical; which he was totally unfamiliar of. He's going to build road or bridges in the future! I highly doubt that he'll actually design a bridge to be build. But who knows.. Maybe he will.

He always doubted his capabilities in studies. Probably because of his multiple failures and disappointment in the past and the confidence that his Mom doesn't have in him anymore. He knows that he have to put in extra effort than anyone else, in order to do well and pass his exams. This semester, I can see how much effort he actually put in and he still doubt that he did well. But I know, he can do better next time. This time is a pass, next time it'll be a credit.

I hope every time when he gives it all out for his studies, I'm here for him and tell him 'you can do it!' *both hands rise up*. That's actually what we did for every night during our revisions together. It was kinda syiok and motivating. :)

Well, anyway.. Lets just pray that I'll get to stay longer than 18 months. I really don't want to leave him in this foreign land, I mean island.

I'm not sure whether we'll go back during CNY. I want to, because my Dad told Molly that his Mommy doesn't want them anymore. -___- He did because I told him I'm getting a PR here. He said it's okay. Then he go tell my kids like that. Where can wan? But totally not sure yet whether we'll have the extra money to go back. So, see how loh.

FYI, these are my kids. :)



For now, tata! Going to oi oi. :)

3 stars*:

Deng said...

He switched ah? i thought he banging utas mech. engineering tim.

_VeL_ said...

Banging?! -__-

Yeah, he changed to Civil this semester. :)

Deng said...

I can't remember what that term he used was. Neh.. the one where he said you ____ utas because you got such good results.

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