Nov 26, 2010

A great news for us. :)

It was outside of our house. A good day - 32c! Once in a blue moon though. But it was quite cooling during the evening. We were on our way out for a hangout at his friend's house. Drank beer and watched an old Jackie Chen and Anita Mui's movie. :)

So yeah.. I believe you who know us and have us in your FB, knows that we scored pretty well in our final exam. We were so happieeeeee! He checked it online at 9am, when I was in the car at work. And he called to send me this exciting news.

I got 1HD, 2D and 1 credit, which gives me pretty high average score for this semester. I didn't expect any Distinctions though. Just gave them a go and see how will them turn out. So happy lah when things happen as you don't expect them.

Anyway, he has work tonight, until 10pm. Maybe tomorrow. But I has no idea where to go at all. Maybe a movie and a dinner? Sien. I wanna shopping lah. Shopping is so happy! HahAha.

It seems like a good turning point for both of us. Both of us have a casual job now and did well for final exam. By the way, Wayne has two jobs. He wants to work pretty hardcore for this summer. We still have our little sweet time together sometimes though. <3

I never thought that we would live together so happily. I thought we would have disagreements or arguments most of the time. Like who wash the dishes and all those crap. But no.. He's so tolerance and being so lovely everyday. He cooks for us almost every night, always give me different surprises on dishes. Hug me in sleep and doesn't snore like mad (HAHAHA). Woke up in the morning to steam buns for me before I go for work. Walked me to the car too! How sweet. <3

On a side note, I'm getting a Graduate Visa instead. Thought of getting a PR already with my Uncle's sponsor. But my field of occupation is not in their latest SOL list, for now. Well, at least there's an 18 months of hope. Pray hard. :)

For an end, hope things will get better for both of us.

I love you, baby! <3

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Deng said...

HR is in the list isnt it? Switch to HR la. hahaha.

Glad that you guys are doing well. Hopefully when I finish my contract next year, I would've saved enough to go see you both with Hwey. haha.

_VeL_ said...

No lah. HR is not in the list too. Accountant is still in the list though. Other business related field are off.

Yeah man, save enough and come again la. Hope you're doing well in your job and life too. :)

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