Nov 3, 2010

I'm rich. For now. ♥

It's my second day training. The people are nice and helpful. Really love the job! Although on the first day, I'd to wash the toilet. Basically, just spray some sanitiser and wipe it, sweep the floor. What a good start. -___-

By the way, male's toilet is disgusting. I only breath through my mouth, but according to my mate, it smells horrible!

This is how I basically look like with the uniform. I'm quite like it lah.

Also invested on a good quality leather shoe, cost me $50. It's one of the requirements anyway. For safety sake. But it's quite comfy lah. It's Grosby Air Step. =)

For now, I take bus to work and after work. It's quite an experience. Everything seems more like a student's life now. If I'm studying now, I would feel even exhausted. Maybe it'll help on my weight loss. Hehehe.

People are really friendly and I'm a little overwhelmed sometimes. Some strangers at the bus stop would just talk to me when I was waiting for bus. So I just replied and smile smile. 8D

Oh yeah.. So I got a confirmation on my wage rate today. It's $20.63 per hour. Guess what? Those who're under aged such as 14 years old, their wage rate is $8+ onwards. The older you are, the higher you get. The first time I feel glad that I'm 22 years old already. -_-

Count count count.. I'm getting $300+ this week. Happieeeeeee. =)
I'll probably pay my rental by myself from next week onwards. Talk about being independent. I finally have my income source. Think about shopping. Hehehehe. XD

I have to memorise the menu now. Ciao. ♥

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goingkookies said...

AUD20.63? Seriously? That's good. Is that what they usually pay then?

I mean, I know Aussie tends to pay better than Msia but at KFC, I didn't know they pay that well.

Congrats! Hope you have a good working experience.. and the money will come in handy with all the yummy things to buy =p

taipau said...

i WANT THAT T SHIRT!!!!!!!!!

cheahwey said...

OMG. I calculated, I'm earning less than 14 year old KFC employees. AUD 5++/hour.

Want to move out of this damn country, now.

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