Oct 13, 2012

A new page.

I shall start updating my blog from now on. It's been 9 months, since my last post. *Guilty*

Well, my life.. It'd been hectic, I shall say. I don't know why. 
I'm on a job that I didn't wish for. But, I care for what I can do to make a difference in that place. I can't shut my sense down and just work for the sake of money. I just feel that I shouldn't be caring that much, anyway. Or, at least that's what Wayne's been telling me all this time. Maybe revolving around teenagers in workplace makes me want to be more empathy. Hmmm. I shall stay at the professional line. 

One big news is popping up soon - I'm getting promoted soon, as Assistant Manager. It's pretty comforting at this stage as I'm getting into the grey zone.  I want to be my Daddy's little girl, sometimes. It's just me missing home, I guess. 

Please find me online as often as possible. :)

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