Jan 20, 2011

Just when you're wondering..

Time for a little update.

We're moving to our new house tomorrow, officially. It's somewhere nearer to Uni and it has an upslope road. It's still a pretty nice place. But no sea view anymore! We can actually drive to Lower Sandy Bay for a beach walk though if we really want to
lah. =) Oh! And it's minutes away from Mount Wellington.

Back to our new place. It's a pretty old yet well maintained brick house. It was built on 1970+, I think. That place has bottom and top units and we're living at bottom unit all by ourselves. Somehow, both of us don't like to share a place with others when it involves sharing kitchen and electricity bills all. So yeah.. We have a good space of kitchen and living room. As a matter of fact, we bought some second hand furniture and it fitted quite well with our new home. It's like decorating our own home. Measuring the space and thinking what to put in. It's quite exciting, actually. If only we can repaint the house with the colour we like, it would be even awesome! But no way it'll happen for now.

Living my life till now, I never worried about electricity bills and getting a house furnish before. Since young, Dad paid for everything and took care of everything. When I stayed overseas, everything is included in the rental and Dad sort of supporting me in every ways. He's actually a 口硬心
Daddy and I love him. =) Anyway, now we're moving to a new place and I have to start worrying about all this already. Not that I'm not going to use electricity like mad. But you know.. It's like a change for me. I actually teared when baby asked me what's stopping me from getting the new place. But he took care of everything and let me have the least to worry of. He's really an awesome guy.

You know.. I won't deny that I was pretty spoiled since young mainly by my Aunty (FYI, she's my maid who took care of me since I was 3 years old!). Well, because she always be there for me and always give me a hand no matter what. Then I get used to calling her every time I needed help or I need to talk. I once thought that I won't be able to live without her. Even when I married, I'll bring her with me. HAHAHA. Even now, I always called home, mainly looking for her. I actually feel home when I listened to her voice. =)

So yeah.. I can't believe we're actually moving again. He insisted to have a bigger place and since we can afford to get some furniture with our hard-earned money, so it's no biggie. Besides, we basically save on petrol when we start going to Uni again (It's only 5 minutes away!). And he said he'll start baking cakes in our new house after he get the recipes and tricks from his Mama. Yeah, we have a new oven! He's into cooking and baking now. <3

Anyway, past few days were kinda hectic. We had to move our furniture and stuffs over yet have to work as well. So you know.. The time is so limited. Even I had two days off, things are like never done. I hate moving house now. But he's kinda enjoying it and seeing this like a challenge. -___- And he loves staying in a new place once a while. *sillyboy* So yeah.. HECTIC.

Pictures will be up soon. Stay healthy and happy, guys. =)

Jan 7, 2011

Job satisfaction and dissatisfaction

It's been two months since I started working. And goodness.. It cured my menstruation pain. I'm no longer suffering from it. Very happieeeee. :) Can't believe what I tried or did for the past decade were nothing, compared to this!

Besides that, I get to know a few friends in my work place. Some of them are really nice to me. Sometimes I felt really happy working with them. But yeah.. Not every time though. I can't get to schedule with them every time. T_T

The most interesting part of my job is I get to meet lots of different people. Young ones, old ones, couple, married, kids.. Some of them are really cute, friendly, considerate and CUTE! I love the part where I have to take lots of orders from one person and I get to pack all of them without any mistakes at all. And what I get is "Well done, Velerie". That was really satisfying. Even sometimes just a single order, people would thank me with my name. And that was really enough! People actually looked at my name tag. Not just my look. :)

Though, sometimes there are people came in with unfriendly or grumpy faces. But what I do all the time is giving them a smile and keep smiling until they left. I honestly hope that my smile can make them have a better day ahead. I think every consumer deserve to receive the best service since they paid for it, even it's a small amount. So a smile is what makes the service even better. But definitely not a fake smile.

Talk about dissatisfaction.. I think I mentioned before that there are lots of under age kids in my work place, around 15 or 16 years old. And seriously, some of them are immature and has the worst work attitude ever. Maybe because their pay is low so they don't really like the job or they just never put themselves in customers' place. If you were in their place, will you like to have squash chips or standing there for 15 minutes for your food? Yeah.. There are peak periods and I understand fast food outlet means your food has to be fast. But, how about the appearance? I can definitely be quick in packing the food nicely. Sometimes, I just don't understand.

And it's our responsible to tell the customers about any value meal when they ask for it. When you can actually make it in a meal and cheaper for the customer, you do it! They're not here to get rip off. There was once, this immature girl - I'll name her S. She actually said "whatever" when I told her that she can actually do the other way and walked away from me. Woah.. That attitude. I feel like firing her. IF only I'm the manager. -__-

There was once I saw our store's complaint list. It was freaking long! But didn't really see what were the complaints about. Not authorised to see it, I think. So I just had a glance. I was thinking.. Could it be our staffs that are being inconsistent in product quality or being rude and unfriendly? Seriously.. If I'm the manager, I would definitely have a look on how the staffs are doing. Not just tell them what to do, but SHOW them how to do it. I think we were all taught different things because we weren't train in the same store previously. Sometimes, I really can't bear it. I chase for perfection. (Although myself is not so perfect) And what they did really kinda annoyed me. But I can't do anything but to ignore it as possible as I can. Because I'm nobody, but a trainee too.

So yeah.. That was just the dissatisfaction I have so far.

By the way, during one of the public holidays last month, I got $30 per hour! I didn't even know until I got my salary slip. :)

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