Jun 29, 2009

It's ending

It's approaching the end of June already. So fast. 25 more days and we are gone again. =(

This 2 weeks has been the
happiest weeks I ever had after being alone there for few months. Now I'm afraid that I can't get used to the life there again. Have to see that whitey room again and live in a small space that it's so limited. Honestly, I changed with my door open during the day in my house. I can't do that in Perth. I don't wanna rugi to those girls lo. HahA

Most importantly, I can't shop in the forum anymore! The Malaysia one. Many cheap stuffs can buy ma. Cheaper than buying from retail outlets. I been online shopping like mad ever since I was back. In the first week, I already bought a bag. Also a few tops. Expecting the stuffs to arrive at your door steps, it's fun.

Today, when I was massaging his back, I told him that I might not used to the life there again when I go back this time.

Him: 你是不是在那边很难过? 很不惯? (In Cantonese la.)
Me: You're not there ma. So a little bit not used to it lo.

When he asked me that, I wanted to cry. Was a little bit sad. He some more asked til so soft. Don't know la. When I heard that, my heart got melted. =.=

I love his pampering. Hold my hands. Talk with very soft tone. Hug me. =))

I wanna bring this puzzle over with me. It's an anniversary present. He completed this puzzle all by himself and framed it. But I still not sure how to bring it over and carry it by myself back home.

Am going to shop tomorrow to open shop and stay in till night! Because mummy admitted into hospital. Seriously, it's nothing serious. She just need to rest properly in hospital, without calls coming in all the time. Hospital has been her second home. She just drove to hospital and check in herself. =.=

So, without any siblings around, I'll be the only one in shop tomorrow. =(
Cannot sneak out half way already. Sigh.

Jun 28, 2009

Very-last-minute plan

Yesterday noon, we thought of going Malacca and so, we went there today. But it was very hot. Hot like MAD. The weather is crazy. =="

Told my brother about it yesterday night, and he wanted to follow us. He always wanna be our lamp post. =.= Although it's good to have a camera man with us, but still, it's kinda weird because he's an extra one. So, we rejected his request. HAhAha. Ended up, we have LOTS of close up pictures for the both of us. HahA

Left my house at 11a.m. and stop by
Seremban rest station to get some food. I miss having car trips with him. So fun. Only both of us, and stop by anywhere to get food. It's just fun. =)

Bought Longan at the rest station. Sweet!

Reach Malacca around 1p.m. Walked around to try more food and visited some historical places. Still, hot like MAD. We bought a paper fan, seriously. Should have bought an umbrella instead. LOL.

Everywhere has
CENDOL, everywhere. We tried the stall opposite the Christ Church. Tasted okay. He tried Cendol Pulut. Those restaurants in the town that sell cendol has LOTS of people waiting outside for the seats. Durian cendol only okay. Very exaggerate lo they all.

We tried the famous
rice balls too. It's not extremely delicious. As he said, it's just rice that in a ball shape. =.= Fine. Too dry la. We prefer normal chicken rice. It's not as nice as I had few years back at the same restaurant.

Chicken rice balls. RM3.80, cheap ma. But chicken damn little. =.=
Looks like fish balls though.

Some of the chicken rice restaurants are very traffic jam too. It's VERY jam. Parents who carrying kids were standing outside, waiting for seats. One whole family rather stand under the sun to wait for seats. That nice meh? Or it appeared in some book before?

At that street, seriously got a number of chicken rice restaurants la. But people like the corner one at the main street that can attract peoples' attention by standing outside waiting for seats. It caused jam, seriously. No idea what they're thinking la.

When we were on the way home, went to A Famosa for the Cowboy Town. But the entrance fee is RM30 per person. Didn't want to waste that much of money as we just wanted a trip with minimum of cash spent but maximum of fun enjoyed. And, he been in there before too. So we drove around A Famosa and ciao home. HAhaHA.

Wanted to go Kajang eat Satay for dinner, but no parking because someone was having concert at the Stadium. =.= Traffic conjested. No choice, ciao home and eat Maggie Mee lo. HaHA

Several pictures taken in Malacca.

St. Paul Hill. It's quite interesting. =)
Istana Kesultanan Melaka.
Studied history already, must see how do it looks like la.
Last time kena cane when we don't know the answers k. LOL
Only RM2 entrance fee for adult.

Spotted this in the Malacca River.
It's not crocodile nor fish. Guess what.
It even shit in the middle of the river while swimming across. funny lo.

Check out Facebook if you wanna see more pictures. =)

Jun 26, 2009

Will you regret?


我很幸福吗? 或者太幸福了?
有时候,我会质疑我们的幸福. 我不知道我们会永远幸福吗. 我更不知道我们的爱会不会变成一种习惯.

我看到了别人的一生一世,在一起的几个月后,变成了彼此的陌生人. 爱情,是可以这么儿戏的.
我听到了别人轻易说分手, 把一段感情结束了.

今天不知道怎么了. 好像不是很自然. 告诉了他后,他用尽办法让我开心. 他做什么都只想让我开心, 就算让我tickle他到他顶不顺也不还手. 我很衰吧?

我的生命里就只有他. 很悲哀吧? 有他在我身边,我觉得是最踏实的. 所以我都忽略了很多朋友. 很不平衡吧? 我也不知道.

也许被他说中了. 这次回来,并没有车可以让我自由进出, 很不习惯.
想找谁也很难, 也不渴望有人会山长水远得来找我.
好难过哦. 早点睡吧! =(

Jun 25, 2009



It's only one day out of a week staying at home. I'm rotting. Online till my eyes are getting blind. =.= So boring.

Dad said no difference staying in Perth. Alla, at least can online without worrying the DATA! =.=

Alright, tomorrow I'll go to shop and help out. See his assistant have anything for me to do or not. I went yesterday but sneaked out half way to hang kai with him till night. Hopefully tomorrow I'll stay at shop till night. =.=

Jun 24, 2009

Awesome Day!

Finally we get to watch Transformer today!! Damn happy la.

Actually we thought we of watching it on Friday by buying the tickets today, because we saw the lights are blinking for all the sessions. From noon to midnight! All blinking. =.- And the que is so freaking long. Sure can't get any nice seats when it's our turn la.

But we still tried our luck. At first, the guy said all the halls left front 2 rows till this Saturday's sessions. Both of us like wtf. So kua jeong meh? Looks like have to watch on Saturday lo.

Then then then, Wayne heard the next counter fella told the customers to wait 5 more minutes, then the reservation seats are open for purchase if no one collected it. So we asked the fella la. It was 3.10p.m., and we wanted to watch at 3.30p.m., AND there was 2 reservation seats are not occupied yet! YAY!!! Very very very happy i tell you, especially after que for so god damn long. =.= Damn nice seats some more. Thanks to my smarty hubby la. XD

The lucky tickets. =)

Transformer is awesome! I wanna watch it again. I wish my dad has free gold class tickets this time. Sam is so handsome! His name is unique too; Shia LaBeouf. Megan is so hot! Her tanned skin. Nice la. XD

The massive jam outside of The Garden. =S

Us, in The Garden.

After that we went to SS2 makan dinner, the restaurant called Restaurant Lorong Seratus Tahun. You all live in P.J, sure know there sell what la. Curry Mee! Taste okay la.

Then, we bungkus 猪肠粉 from the stall at the roadside. It was raining some more. We were full but still feel like eating. XD

He was buying from the stall, while I was waiting in the car.

Like hungry ghosts, keep eat and eat. Aiseh, fat man. The both of us. HAhaHAha.

Jun 23, 2009

His very first time

Asked Wayne to do something he never do before. Guess what?

Don't have to say some more, you guys should figure out what is he doing in the picture la.
It started like this.

Me: You got help girl put pad before or not?
Him: No.
Me: Wanna try or not? *think think* Of course you never try before la! wth.

So he really tried. Quite funny la. He was figuring which side of the pad is front and back. =.=
It's really his first time. HAhaHAha

After all the joke, we went to Mid Valley, thought of watching Transformer 2. Freaking full. Only left front 2 rows, with 6 HALLS available. wtf. Damn smart la we two. Never book at all. Some more it's a day before the movie is officially launched.

Then we went to Time Square to try our luck. 12a.m., all full. Left 1.40a.m. But he have classes on tomorrow. So forget it la. Ciao home. Watch another day la.

Wasted our time and money on parking and petrol. =.=

I haven't watch 17 Again and Monster vs. Alien!! It's not showing anymore. =(

Jun 20, 2009

Jokers of the night

Went to Yaki Yaki, a Japanese Barbecue Buffet Restaurant at K.L, again with Wayne, Ming Yie and Jason. I had this message voucher that entitled of RM29 per person promotion for supper session. Starts from 10.30p.m. to 1a.m.

Oh, my brother and his gf joined us, unexpectedly. But we sat at separate tables. =)

We stayed until the minute it was going to close! HAhaHA. So full till wanna vomit. Buffet ma. Must eat enough la.

Pictures of the night:
My favorite section: SUSHI!

Tuna's kind-of-rose. Nice! =)

Some of the drinks.
Watermelon is called sweet heart. I think. HAha

Some of the desserts. Not my cup of tea. HAha
There's even 龟年膏. Wrong word, I know. XD

The jokers of the night. Laughed till I teared. HAhaHA

Some kissing act for the night, with the fish. XD

Another real kissing act at the side.
My brother and his gf, Jenny. =)

Toast for the night.
For our life in Australia! Yay!

It was a night that full of jokes and bullshits. It was fun.

Jason's quote: better than Yuen, all those fishballs. XD
P.s: RM29 buffet for all the food we had, it's more than worth it.

Jun 18, 2009

His security-ness

Yesterday, Wayne and I went to Mid Valley. Planned to watch Monster vs. Alien but no later time. Think and think. No other movies that we wanted to watch. *p.s: I'm still waiting for Hwey to watch 17 again!*

So, we planned to have dinner and walk around. See got what to buy la. After dinner, planned to walk a while and ciao home. Then, phone rang.

Brother: Where are you? Wanna watch movie or not?
Me: Mid Valley la. Where are you? Movie ar? What movie?
Brother: Mid Valley also la. Don't know yet. I go see got what movie la.
Me: You go see first la. Then only call me.

Hung up.

*I was wondering wth he came to Mid Valley alone and called me to watch movie without even confirm whether was I at Mid Valley.* I thought he stalked me. HaHAhaHa.

And so so so. He bought tickets for Blood: The Last Vampire!!! For 11.30p.m. show. That time was only 9p.m. We went home and he had dinner with his friend in Mid Valley.

OMG. I damn long never watch this kind of horror movie. Those scary faces. I know they are computer animated. But it's just horrible! I can't bear to watch it at all. I was hiding under Wayne's sleeves all the while. But those horror sound still freaked me out.

Anyway, the ending wasn't that nice. BUT Saya is really very...great! In killing all those vampires. HAha. Owesome! Seeing her fight alone, versus more than 30 vampires at a time. XD

After the movie ended, his friend asked me wth I screamed for. I do realised nobody screamed except me. Some scene is just shocking okay. Hump!

Oh oh oh. I drove home alone, at 1a.m. I hate driving home alone at night but if not, he will have to send me home and it's very tiring to do so for straight 3 nights. So, I chose to drive home myself. *considerate leh me?*

But he very worried la. Scared I'll bump into those bad guys. Told me not to stop the car no matter what. Nowadays economy went bad, many robberies happen. Take the cash never mind, scared they'll do something bad to me. Even couples also kena. I'm alone, worst. I don't read newspaper, so lots of things happen in M'sia, I'll only know after he tells me. HAha

After listening all that, I willy feel damn scared. Cepat cepat drive home. And he called me right after I stepped into my house. Very right timing. As if I don't reach on time, must be something happen to me. =.-

I always feel when he's by my side, no matter what happens, he'll always protect me and won't let anything happen to me. When I was driving alone yesterday night, I wish he was by my side. In this 5 years, he really did protected me from lots of bad things that might happen on me. Thank you hubby! =)

M'sia is really getting scary hor?

Jun 14, 2009

Comfortable home

I smiled when I woke up this morning. =)
Ahh, my room. The not so whitey and the rack that full of all my cute stuffs room. And, the Mickey Puzzle. And and, my queen size bed. My bolster never fall of the bed. HAhaHA. I'm so grateful that I'm home. At least for a month. Happy.

I'm gonna rest at home today. Til night. Then go for movie! I'm still tired after a long night sleep.

I have no Myvi to use at all. T T
My brother is using it to go work every day. But I do have alternatives. Asking him to switch car with me. He drives Honda, I drive back my Myvi. Weeeee. I don't wanna drive the Honda out and get into troubles. HAha.

Temperature is
33 degrees now. M'sia is this hot. Twins, get ready for the hot weather! Heehee. But it's so great that I don't have to freeze at the night, with the heather on. Dries up my skin even quicker. Not good.

The jungle behind is still a jungle. HahA. That's what I'm seeing from my room's window. But the coconut trees grow even taller now. OMG.

I-am-home-surprise wasn't successful. My dad came home earlier. I hid myself in the kitchen. And he walked in while I was cutting lady fingers. He was a little shocked. HAhaHA.

I cooked three dishes for this dinner. Only 3 dishes la.
宫保chicken, 虾仁炒蛋 and ladies fingers with chilies. HAha. The recipe of that chicken is from Wayne's grandma. She taught us how to marinate the chicken and cook it. *marinate with natural souces, not seasoning* haHAha.

Wayne helped me cook this chicken too. Thanks hubby!

The other 2 dishes, thanks to Aunty who stood beside and gave me guidance. HAha. *Forgot to take pictures of it lo. Looks damn nice.* The prawn and egg looks a lot better than last time! HAhahHA.

The prawn and egg. His skill of taking such picture.
The outcome looks damn nice wan. With some 青葱 on top. =)

Then then, my dad some more 诸多挑剔. Said, "The prawn and egg not very 香, the chicken not very tasteful. Only the ladies fingers are nice." wtf. I cooked till very sam fu ok. My dad was a CHEF before. He COOKED! My mom doesn't know how to cook AT ALL. Sikit pun beh hiao. wth. Mom said, "nice la. everything also nice." HAhaHA

Bought a cake to celebrate Parents Day. HAHAHA.
I wasn't here for Mother's Day. Father's Day is soon. So it was Parents Day yesterday. =)

I wanna make jelly with him again. With nata di koko and longan. NICE!

Jun 12, 2009

Potong steam

I'm leaving in 7 hours!!

Suddenly, a notice came in. CLEANING INSPECTION!! wtf. I'm leaving tonight, so I have to do my duty before i leave. Potong steam lo. Was half way excited wan ma.

Just did laundry, now they're all in the dryer. Waiting for it to dry now. 语无伦次 already. Actually I'm very tired la. I'm so going to fall asleep again before the plane departure.

Haven't pack anything yet. Not a single thing in the luggage bag yet.
Haven't bath yet. I really wanna bath. Cloths, faster dry please. =(

I'm so so so so so tired. And I need to vacuum the floor later. Ahhhh. Exhausted. I never had any nice sleep for a freaking week. Thank God I have finished all the paper.

Rescue me please. =(

Jun 10, 2009


Unusual library something happened in today. Weird encounter.

I guess they were making fun of me. Or maybe they wanted to know Teing. XD
Obviously. Don't LRIFT with the leng lui opposite me (Teing), but talked to me?! Weird.
Lame conversation la.

"Are you from China?"
"No. M'sia."
"I know how to speak Chinese. ni hao ma."
"Erm, I'm busy."

Oww. For your info, they're black guys. I can't understand their language at all. But they can speak English. Kenya maybe? Nigeria? Whateva.

One more paper on FRIDAY!!! Can't wait for it to over.
I'll be on the plane next. Yay!

Listening to Jay Chou's 园游会. I remember I was addicted to this song before.
It's still so nice after so long.

Jun 9, 2009

It's set or random?

I decided to add in the X Change thingy in my blog, because most of you guys don't update very often. Very seldom. Don't know where to find blogs to read. So, there it goes.

I realised the blogger sites that appear in the X Change thingy are mostly Malays. MOSTLY. Seriously. I keep clicking next, next, next. Still, Malay bloggers. Not that I discriminate Malays la. But, I wanna read Chinese ones, can? Isn't that the purpose of the X Change? Random a bit la. Don't que all the Malays one in a row. Random.

One more thing. You can minimize that shit if you feel it's annoying. wtf. -.-


First paper is over. Made use of my whole 2 hours and 10 minutes. Write and write and write. After it's over, only I realised I wrote too much. Way too much. Something that I shouldn't even write in for that answer. Aiseh. Don't know will deduct marks or not.

Like didn't really make use of the notes I typed. I remembered, but only I realised that I can mess everything up. Erm, only for one chapter la. PRICING! I messed up the external factors and the steps. Some contents are quite similar. Damn. Because of the word "pricing" appeared in all over the chapter. Disappointed.

Disappointed is the word. "Do well in your next paper la. Don't think too much already.", he said. I shall move on. Sigh. =(

Mandi dulu. Sangat sejuk ohh. *shiver*

We had our dinner in my room. Our house mates occupied the whole dining table to study. That's how exam period is when you're staying with someone else.

I wanna go home!! A surprise dinner and celebrate Father's Day.
4 hari lagi. I can wait no more. Hormone changes. HAhA

Studying one more chapter for backup. So tired la but have to continue.
Faster over la. Beh tahan la.

Jun 7, 2009

The habit

So scared. Tomorrow I'm sitting for my first paper. Although I'm confident, but still feeling a little terrify. If he's with me before I walk in to take the paper, I'll feel much better.

It has been a habit. Fetch me to take exam, watch me walk in, wait for me to come out, listen to his comforting words if I didn't do well, see him happy for me when I told him I did well. It's part of our life. Now, I'm like lacking of a piece of my life. =(

Day is getting darker. This week, Teing and I been in and out of library from 12pm to 10pm. Manyak rajin la we both. HAhaHAha

Haven't been talking on the phone with him for a week. I guess. Only texts. I miss you no matter what. =)

6 more days and I'm back again. Lots of plans, but wonder will we implement it or not. Hmmm.

Jun 4, 2009


Ahhhhhhhh! So tired!
6 hours of study in library. Type notes. Play Bejewelled in Facebook. Look around. Bunch of Indians besides talking. Listen Musics. Text him. Makan lunch. Bough KitKat and M&Ms.

Have to finish all the food in the fridge and freezer before the 3 of us head home after exam. It's a lot. Meats, veges, eggs, fruits, yogurt!

I miss you, hubby. Can't wait to see you. Something that I didn't expect. =)

So bored la. I guess it's time to go home.

Jun 1, 2009

Shopwiki, shop online!

Living in Perth is totally different from Malaysia. NO CAR, one of the whys. I love to go shopping or even window shopping just to enjoy the process of seeing the stuffs and the prices. It's fun wett. Now living without a car, is seriously torturing me. Can't just drive out and go for shopping.

Look through a lot of online sites, and found out Shopwiki too, that can get me to see all the pretty cloths from different designers by online. People that fancy branded stuffs such as Baby Phat, Juicy Couture, DKNY, Gucci, etc. will loves this site. Whatever you can think of, it is in there. Search for it!

You would definitely like this if you're living in a 4 seasons country, like me. Summer, fall, winter and spring, choosing the style that you wanna look like in different season instead of looking one kind when everyone is looking at you.

If you have no idea what to wear or what suits you for that season or event, Shopwiki even provide sources that help you out. It's always better to know what suits you than taking criticisms after wearing it, right? Knowing what's the best for yourself.

Shopwiki has eco fashion too! Many brands came out with these apparels to reduce pollution. Seriously, depends on you whether you like to wear eco - friendly tops or not. Probably it's more costly.

Enough about apparels. Shopwiki has lots more than that. What i spotted was cat's fountain! I miss my cats. These fountains are so cool! Comes with filters and refill the water automatically. Cheapest i saw is only $4, expensive ones range from $30 to $80. Depends what functions you want la. I might consider buying one for them.

Yay! One more source for online shopping.

Blue Print

Went to sit for English test this morning, 10a.m.! I wanted to wake up at 8a.m. then pack up. Thought wanna go library study after the test. But...hubby keep waking me up from 8a.m., and I was still on the bed till 9a.m.. HahaHA. Lazy to pack la. So, went for the test and came home. And here I am, blogging. I should be typing notes now.

3 more papers to take in 2 weeks. I'm only done with one subject, 2 more to study. Tired la. Yesterday watched drama till 4a.m., but i know slack no more la. Tomorrow going Harbour Town some more. Today must study and finish up one subject at least.

Shop! Shop! Shop! Cannot wait. HaHA. This days very stress la. Haven't been walking around, except for groceries and uni. cham eh. 闷到呕.

Tonight having beer! 爽! HahaHAha

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