Mar 31, 2009

almost... but still can't think of it

shat! I forgot 2 blardy points of the theory. Was thinking really hard, Benny was beside me seeing me got frustrated. LOL

Forgot to mention. Our exam structure was real cool. I think there was over 200 students. All squeezed in a hall for the exam, and it wasn't enough seats for all of us. So, someone have to volunteer to take the exam later in the tutorial class to give seats for others.

Luckily we went in earlier and got nice seats. So, we were sitting side by side as if we were in for a lecture. And, there was only 2 tutors around to watch over us. They are just not as KIASU as M'sians. HAhaHA

After the exam, discussed about the questions at outside of the hall and off we ciao. He offered to send me home because the day was dark and cold. He claimed that Perth is dangerous too. He just bought a gun which cost $1,200. Goodness. Of course, he have a gun license la. And, now he have to buy a security box for it. Wow.

I realized his life is full of violence, even in his basketball life. His knee dislocated because of basketball too, same as Wayne. It's just not a healthy sports anymore, isn't it? HAhaHa

Suddenly, I'm craving for McD. How?

one more test on Friday. relax a day first. :)

Mar 30, 2009

Kaya + Cheese + Bread = Yucky.

My mouth got itchy after 2 hours of dinner, so I went to the fridge looked for food.

1. Carburry Chocolate - too fattening for this late.
2. Strawberry Yogurt - okay, quite healthy.
3. Kaya - hmm. it's there for quite some time already.
4. Cheese - okay, can slice in the bread. oh, no chocolate spread. should have buy it last week.
5. Ice cream - just had with yogurt.

So, i applied Kaya and a slice of CHEESE on my bread . And, microwaved it. Can u imagine how eww is it? Cheese melted with the Kaya. Gosh.
It tasted weird. Will not try it anymore.

Yogurt faded the taste of it. :)

I scalded my last finger on the pan when i was cooking just now. Still hurts, especially when i bath with hot water. Blardy pain. I thought wrap it with handy plaste won't be that pain. :(

The dinner was wookay. At least, i know i can cook alone. *happie*
I felt nervous. Wonder how the dishes will be and whether they will like it or not.
i think this will be what i feel when i cook for him next time. HaHA.

Yogurt + Ice Cream. Yummy.

Rooted in the room for the whole day. It was so boring. OMG. How to go through the rest of the weeks like this? :(

2 months haven't watch any movies in cinemas. Quite amazing la. I never expect i can stand that. We used to watch on every weekend, at least twice a month when he's busy. I'm so missing it. I'm planning to watch with him everyday when I'm back on May. HahA.

When I was bored with exam revisions, I did research for my assignments, vice versa. There goes my day. Or i look for food. Gosh, I'm getting fatter. I'm not as thin as the two sticks who are living with me. HAhaHa.

I don't like exercises. Have to sweat, don't want. Walks to classes are more than enough for me. I never walk that much in a day before lo, seriously. Especially on Thursdays, i walked home three times! Long breaks.

I miss my cats. Hubby said, they grew fatter. :)

I'm cooking on tomorrow's night! I thought of several dishes. Only, I'm not sure whether is it good. Based on what i can imagine of. I searched for recipes, but we kinda lack of a lot of ingredients. wth. ya, so I'll cook with what we have. Hope it turns out alright. HahaHA

Time to oi oi. 5 a.m. for 2 nights already. :P

Mar 29, 2009


Fun ma. Pose with things. HAhaHA.
But, it's like ten shots taken only one can be used. wth.
What to do. I'm not photogenic in MOST of the angles. need time to get the best one la. some are just sucks, especially the warming up part. HAha.

Kinda like this, because it can't see part of my face. HAhahA.

See, only two pictures which i think are okay to post up. Modeling is a difficult job. wth.

Daylight Time Saving has ended. Back to normal time as M'sia. don't have to wait for an hour anymore. :)

Mar 28, 2009

happie moment

Webcam with my hubby at, slept at 5a.m.We can video call all night and crap nonsense. HAha. it's just so fun.

I'm glad that he realized something and determined to change it or make things better.
I'm just happy to have you, hubby. :)

We are already planning on what to do on that 6 days! Excitements, can't wait.

Distance relationship might spice up the feelings OR make things worst. I'm glad, that we are the at the front situation. i miss seeing his smiles, in real.

Sometimes, we might not know what is exactly happening to each other in different places. Telling each other everything is very important. Don't hesitate, it's not gonna help. I'm gonna shoot out everything to him from now onwards, no matter what shit. :)

His words are seriously very powerful. One moment can make me mad, another moment can make my heart soften.

Quote: the more you cry, the more you smile because you have me. :)

Mar 26, 2009

Hair Cut

Hwey said i look old with long hair. I'll get a hair cut on May. Don't know cut what style thou.

I don't think I'm suitable with short hair la because the shape of my face and I'm wearing spectacle. looks kinda kiddo with short hair, very immature. Also depends how you fashion yourself la. I can make myself not so kiddo with short hair, but i don't think I'll like it.

Teing and Hwey look okay with their short hair. But, Teing's one a little messy sometimes. HAhA. Need gel or something to make it more stylish, i think. :P

I want fringe! mine is too long now. Arhh. Have to wait till May. :(
Uni's one also quite expensive la. $35 for female hair cut. how to spend 得落手? maybe some of you can, but i really cannot. although M'sia one cost RM60 for a hair cut too, but I'm not convinced with their western style here. Don't feel like taking the risk. HAha.

anyone of you have the site/program that can foresee how do we look like with different hair style? i wanna try. HAha.
At least, have the general thought about it.

Mar 25, 2009

The promise

i'm missing my boy boy, again. can't help it.
i wish i have the machine that can let me travel between my place and his place.

*blink* in his house.
*blink* back in my room.

i wish.

instead of thinking of him, i should use my time on memorizing words. 3 more days to mid term exam! =S

shocked awake

it's a day without classes. *happy*
but need to study and do homework. sigh.

as you can read from Hwey's blog, this morning we were all shocked up by a fire alarm. blardy scary fire alarm. but, i wasn't awake till someone knocked on my door. HAhaHA.
very tired la. thank god, nothing serious happened. but i was smart enough to hold my student card. XD

im so waiting for this day to come. :)

orange flavored Vodka. -.-
tasted nothing like alcohol. 4.5% wor.
some more, $12 for 4 bottles. expensive la.

Mar 24, 2009

when i'm hungry, i cry.

seeing Benny, makes me think of my boy boy.

note: clarify first, i do not like him at all, that sense of like. we're friends that talk.

don't know why, i feel he has some similarities with Wayne. not personality, the habits.
probably just the car part. obviously, every guys like and talk about cars. it's just them.

it's so sad that we can't go through the Uni life together. sit at the grass, eat lunch together, enjoy the autumn weather, cuddle with each other. we'll gonna miss all this. :(

it just reminds me whenever i pass by the ground that everyone tends to lay there for a chat or lunch. yep, it's just too bad.

today i wanted to cry in the class, due to the hunger i can't stand of. it didn't happen for very long time. it was very terrible. i thought i can wait til the class over to have my brunch, so i didn't eat anything before i headed to the class.

obviously, i failed. so Benny and I quickly walked to Angazi Cafe to grab our food after class ended. gosh. the croissant tasted so delicious. and hot chocolate! HAhaHA

and, i also bought Blueberry muffin. nice la. :)

darling, i miss you. hope you didn't get shocked of the text i messaged you. it's been a long time that you have not experience of me crying over hunger already. HAhaHa

Mar 22, 2009

i forgotten to put a title.

some improvements on cooking. :)

credit to Teing and Hwey's brain for thinking of these dishes.
i just wanna help out in cooking these. HAhaHA

however, this will be my future reference when i need to cook for him. XD

2 weeks ago.
cabbage with minced meat.

sweet & sour stir fry chicken, again.
this time, added cucumber and tomatoes. :)

today. didn't help out as period time. also, was webcam-ing with him and his family. it was fun!

fried egg + baked beans + minced meat
Hwey added a lot of tomato sauce. HAhaHA

luncheon meat + cucumber + broccoli + tomatoes

need more recipes. i can't contribute anything. i have no idea on what can cook. ideas, ideas.

today was very bored. nothing to do, except sleep, listen songs, wait for his sms.

i wanted to start on my homework. but just way too lazy. i typed one sentence, that's it. can die la. period mood. i'll get better tomorrow. HahA.

A night out

BBQ at Bluewater, located at Applecross. i'm not so sure where is it. people fetched ma.

annoying birds. creepy voices, they had.

it was so blardy cold and windy, because it's near to the beach side. and it has a huge playground. some sort of playground, a ship shaped.

this is the front part.
from that slides, i can't land well. it was very fast. HAhaHA

side part of it.
looks creepy from this picture.

that place is so nice. you can see the sunset right in front of you. :)
how nice to live there. get to see sunrise and sunset everyday. i likey! but i didn't get to take the picture of it. was busy talking and enjoying the view.

view from outside of the toilet.

the girls. :)
the guys were all looking for toilet. HAhaHA

and, i think because i laughed a lot and kinda relaxed, my period came. OMG! -.-
i was kinda tense on last week, i think. it wasn't that torturing because all i was thinking is, coldness. wtf.

when i reached home, well, it all started after a bath. seeing blood made me pain huh? wth.
i woke up few times during the night. i can still remember. 2am, 4am, 9am. finally, i beh tahan. 12pm woke up and bath.

thank god, i didn't cry. i guess, i became tougher? WeeeEeee.

Mar 21, 2009

He's mine!

found out this farny program, ya, i know i'm a little too late to find out all this. still, not too late to use it now. :)

he's mine! XD

39 more days! one month left. happie nya. :)
i miss you, sui lou. siu hei bao. HahaHAha

Mar 20, 2009

kiss of the rain

it rained, not heavily. but i was kinda wet thou. it was cold and freezing during the walk back home. the wind and the temperature. i wanted to cry. felt so unprotected.

however, thank god it rained. can moisture the land a little, without drying up the whole damn land.

it's FRIDAY! we are suppose to drink now. but, they don't seem to have the mood. Teing's having the visit and Hwey, no idea. she can stays in the room for the blardy whole day to bou series. ya, so here i am now.

probably we are bored seeing the same blardy person for the whole damn week. even for the drinking section. come on, give us a break.

but, we live with no choices. unless i start going out at night with new friends or even offer myself to my friend's house for a drink. so desperate.

probably being alone is way better to live with.

changed my blog skin. bored with same old bright colors. black is more suitable with my life now. add in some colorful stuffs that happened once in a while, there goes the pink spots.

good thing of not having many readers. less opinions.

Mar 19, 2009

missing them :'(

i have no idea why i suddenly think of them. probably i just miss them.
miss hearing their voices, familiar voices.

Baby's family.

my family.

my grandma.

my grandpa. :)
he's a funny elderly.

baby's grandma.

and of course, my special HIM. :)

and my two grandmas. although they are not here to share my happiness and sadness anymore, but i'll always remember what they have brought to my life.

i'm glad to have all of them in my life. :)

Mar 18, 2009

speed it up, baby

i think i'm unhealthy now. ate too many snacks and improper meals.


okay. back in M'sia, this situation is usual. normally after a week, it'll come.
but, i'm in study-for-exam period now. can it blardy come now and let me relief for a moment?
it makes me worry every time i have classes. stress la. wtf.

i need stuff to speed up the cycle. how?

perlu continue study la. damn it.

muffin fever

yep, i'm blogging in the early morning. i should be on the bed now, instead of sitting in front of my laptop.

i slept at 4a.m., woke up at 11a.m. by a phone call.

*phone vibrating*

still don't know it's my phone. i forgot i put it in silent mode.

*still vibrating*

when i realized, i picked up but it hung up already.

*called back with blurring tone*

me: who are you?
May: i'm May. we are at library already.
me: *当场醒* oh oh oh. sorry, i studied till 4a.m. and totally forgot bout today.

my usual Wednesday has no classes wan ma. so forgot bout this meeting we set.

yup, so i quickly brush up and changed and walk damn fast to library.

bought muffin as breakfast before i headed home.

looks delicious. $2.70.

the size is 3x bigger than M'sia ones.
30 minutes passed, i'm still eating it. probably i'm not concentrating eating it. HAha

i been eating muffins a lot. when i can't think of what to eat, this is what i spotted.
i even had one yesterday. wtf.

now i realized Kenny Roger's one is damn small. -.-

Mar 17, 2009

So so so nervous

*a sigh of relief*

i was shivering when i was presenting today. probably they heard my shivered voice. :/
the 'guai lou' sat beside me, said well done. *happy*
i think it's a common praise to everyone. but, we did well thou. :)

the sandwich that Hwey made yesterday.
bacon + cheese + mayo + tomato + cucumber :)

again, the mashmallow thingy. another view ma. HAhaHa
this is the last one.

my dinner. macaroni and cheese.
it was a little weird when i microwaved it.
then i added a slice of cheese in. *yummy* so full now.

have to concentrate on my studies for mid term exams. *can't wait to strike it off from the planner* HAhahaHAha

baby, im coming back very soon. :)

brought him to Uni today. attended boring lecture with me. HAhaHA

wrote an email to him. was playing around with him.
started with,
*didn't send me the pictures of Bowie again. very disappointed already. *sad*

*look another side*

*thinking: faster tem me ar. if not, don't want choi you for a day.*

*walk away*

HaHA. damn long never do this to him.

miss doing it to him.
miss sitting in the car with him.
miss holding his warm hands.
miss touching his face.
miss chatting with him.
miss leaning on his shoulder.

Mar 15, 2009

thanks to brilliant Hwey!

my door is no more annoying. Hwey added some cooking oil to the door knots and ta da! no more sound. it's really better a lot. at least, i will not feel bad by coming out from my room at the middle of the night anymore. HAhahA

and Hwey's thought is, "i won't know when you come out from your room anymore." wth. it's really pretty loud and obvious.

bought this snack from Woolworth yesterday.

i thought it's some sort of strawberry creamy with biscuit and chocolate coat.

it's strawberry flavored mashmallow. :)
looks like ice cream because it looks like melting. just took out from the fridge thou.

it's made in Australia.
i don't remember seeing this sweet product in Malaysia.

*need to drink water first.*

mom called. asked me to use the $500 in the bank for the next month's expenses and take from him when i'm back on May.
i have no idea what is taking my dad so long to send the money over. seriously.
interest rate is getting higher? or exchange rate is getting higher? *hmmm*

i was studying finance. and she asked, "why sound so sad?"
gosh. i'm stressing. :(

i miss Aunty's cooking! when i wanna eat, i don't have to think what to eat, what to cook.
so spoiled. what to do? i never left her for this long ever since i was 3 years old. :'(

Mar 14, 2009

Fremantle - hotness

went to Fremantle today. walked around Fremantle. it's really a boring place plus weather is so hot.
the so called MALL is not a MALL. some are streets with shops or a supermarket inside a building. wth. i was expecting more than that, seriously.

and, common brands apparels are expensive. i rather go Harbour Town. i wanna go again! :)

market shopping. bought veges and fruits. very scared home has out of stock. HAha.
some are quite expensive thou. but, had to buy some for stock up.

the entrance.
no dogs allowed. a lot of babies with mummies inside. :)

strawberries from Fremantle Market.
flashed because it doesn't look good at all. too ripe.

this is what i had for dinner for 2 days.
cheese slides plus chocolate spread. Yummie. :)
quite fattening thou.

46 more days! i miss you. :)

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