Jul 23, 2011


心情好忐忑. 不知道怎么办酱.
现在, 每一件事都在等着结果. 其实, 我知道结果都是好的. 可是等的过程好难受哦.
就连找工作都没有什么积极. -___-

如果可以又玩又有收入, 就好了. 好想念前一个旅游哦. :)

现在, 还在KFC做weekend的工. 想到找新的工作, 还要考虑很多东西才可以apply. 还要担心公司可不可以sponsor我. 想到这些, 我突然觉得回去帮我爸爸打理生意算了. 可是想到长远, 还是委屈一下了. :(

我好想念你们哦. 好想快点见到熟悉的脸孔. 保重咯. :)

Jul 13, 2011

Holiday is over!

Scenic at Echo Point Lookout.

Holiday is over. Time to come back into reality. Time to apply for Graduate Visa and look for a job. I've been reading news about changes to Employer Sponsor Program. I sighed. I think it's harder for me to survive here anymore. But, I will still try.

However, I'm still confused of the requirement of Graduate Visa. Meeting a migrant consultant tomorrow to confirm things. Hopefully it's what we expected.

I've been worrying a lot this few days. I don't know what to do. :(

I just hope things would go well.

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